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Dating & Marriage. Perfect Match Fill out the worksheet about your perfect match. This should be done individually.

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1 Dating & Marriage

2 Perfect Match Fill out the worksheet about your perfect match. This should be done individually.

3 What is dating? Dating:  Having social plans with another person  An extension of friendship Teens are still interested in group activities (groups include both sexes)

4 Significance of Dating Provides an opportunity to learn about themselves and others Individuals can learn to develop and maintain successful relationships in order to prepare for more important decisions later on in life regarding commitment and marriage

5 Benefits of Group Dates Not as intimidating Less Pressure Get to know a group of people Parents are more likely to approve (especially younger teens) Less opportunity to be pressured into sexual activity

6 Dating Standards Teens who begin dating at a young age are more at risk for becoming sexually active. Early dating can interfere with development of an independent sense of identity.

7 6 Dating Standards Arrange for safe transportation Establish a reasonable curfew Tell parents/guardians your exact plan (BE HONEST!) Give parents/guardians background info on the person you will be dating Establish a personal code of conduct. Establish the expected code of conduct for the person you will date

8 Activity! Discuss with your neighbors. Appropriate answers will be shared with the class. What should be considered in a personal code of conduct?  Alone at your date ’ s home?  Who should pay for what?  Curfew?  What are the physical boundaries?  How much money will you spend?

9 Marriage

10 Traditional Marriage:  An emotional, spiritual, and legal commitment a man and woman make to one another Intimacy and companionship Framework for the family unit Children

11 Intimacy A deep and meaningful sharing between 2 people 4 important types:  Psychological  Philosophical  Creative  Physical

12 Psychological Intimacy Shares emotions, needs, weaknesses, and strengths Share and rejoice in individual successes Support when disappointed Accept your partner ’ s weaknesses Deepens through the years

13 Philosophical Intimacy Share beliefs and values A persons beliefs influence their decisions Determine day-to-day priorities  Religious involvements  Relationship with parents

14 Creative Intimacy Engage in cooperative efforts  Learn a sport together  Making a house a home  Choose furniture, plant garden, select wallpaper Share child-raising responsibilities

15 Physical Intimacy Sharing of physical affection Includes a wide range of behaviors that express closeness  Committed to each other  Have a healthful attitude about sex

16 Sex & Intimacy Sex before marriage DOES NOT predict sexual satisfaction during marriage Sex before marriage does not involve commitment, there is not a feeling of security

17 Success of Marriage Age  Teens have a high divorce rate Reasons for marriage Length of relationship & engagement  The longer the better Attitudes about raising children

18 Success of Marriage Commitment to sexual fidelity  Provides closeness and respect Good character Parents ’ success at marriage  Parents divorced or still happily married?

19 Self-Assessment Activity! Number your paper from 1-7 (leave a few lines in-between) For each of the following statements, rate yourself using the scale below  1 = Not at all  3 = Working on it  5 = Yes, I ’ m confident Write a sentence or two explaining the reasoning behind your rating

20 Self-Assessment Activity Develop healthy friendships with members of both sexes Become comfortable with one ’ s body Become emotionally independent from adults Learn skills needed later for marriage and parenthood Prepare for a career Have a clear set of values to guide behavior Understand and achieve socially responsible behavior

21 Review What are the four important types of intimacy? What are some of the 6 dating standards? What are the benefits of group dating? Why is dating significant?

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