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Why do I need a battery? Chapter 7 Section 2.

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1 Why do I need a battery? Chapter 7 Section 2

2 What does a battery do? Static discharge is the moving of electrons from one atom to another. In order to keep the electrons moving through the circuit, there has to be something that causes a push, or a voltage difference- a battery does just that…

3 How do batteries work? Batteries create an uneven level of electrons which causes the electrons to move from a high concentration to a low concentration… This is also known as the voltage difference..

4 Dry-Cell Batteries Where do you find these?
Name at least three places you use these…

5 Dry Cell Batteries There are two main parts on a battery that creates the voltage difference… The positive and negative ends… Do you know which is which ?

6 Parts of the Dry Cell Positive End Plastic Insulator Moist Paste
Carbon Rod Zinc Container Negative Terminal

7 How does a Dry Cell Work? When the circuit is closed, and the battery is connected, a chemical reaction starts the process. The chemical reaction with zinc and several other chemicals occurs in the moist paste.

8 How does a Dry Cell Work? The carbon rod acts as a conductor and transfers electrons. The carbon rod is not part of the reaction happening in the moist paste. But…the chemical reaction in the moist paste does cause the carbon rod to become charged. This charge on the carbon rod creates a positive end. The negative end is made by the Zinc.

9 How does a Dry Cell Work? The voltage difference between the positive and negative ends causes the current to flow. By connecting more batteries you increase the voltage difference. List three things that needs more than one battery to work…

10 Wet Cell Batteries… What is a wet cell battery?
A battery that contains two connected plates made of different metals or metallic compounds in a conducting solution. Can you list three places you have seen or used a wet cell battery?

11 Parts of a Wet Cell Battery
Positive end Negative end Lead Plate Battery Solution Partition Lead dioxide plate


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