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Accessing the Internet with Anonymous FTP Transferring Files from Remote Computers.

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1 Accessing the Internet with Anonymous FTP Transferring Files from Remote Computers

2 What is FTP? FTP is an abbreviation for “file transfer protocol” (the rules used to communicate over the Internet). In this course, we’ll cover using ftp to access ftp archives on an anonymous ftp site. – ftp archives are collections of files made available to the public. – An anonymous ftp site is a computer with ftp archives permitting anyone to log on with the username: anonymous and password: your e-mail address.

3 Ways to transfer files with FTP From the PC FTP program: » FileZilla » F-Secure File Transfer From a Web Browser ( Internet Explorer/Firefox ): – ftp://anonymous_ftp_site_address From Time Sharing computers ( UNIX/VMS ): – $ ftp name-of-anonymous-ftp-computer $ -> the prompt once you’ve logged onto the machine

4 What do you need to know? 1.The name of the ftp site (host computer). For example, 2.The name of the file to be transferred. MPSetup.exe 3.The directory path where the file is stored /MP3_Software/Windows_Media_Player/

5 Archie Web Search for anonymous ftp sites Archie Web sites: Archie is a tool for indexing FTP archives, allowing people to find specific files. Find anonymous host(s) name Find storage path (directory) of file or software

6 How to use the PC ftp software? Start the ftp software (FileZilla or F-Secure). Enter the host’s name. Enter anonymous as the username. Enter your complete e-mail address as the password.


8 Host, use Username Password Connecting to the Server

9 Viewing Files Files on your computer Files on host computer

10 Navigate to the right path Use Dr. Novacky’s FTP Archive

11 Drag+Drop to Transfer Downloaded File Target File Transfer Status Log

12 FTP from Unix Open up the SSH client and connect to a UNIX server You could also connect using Telnet Once at the unix prompt, enter: $ ftp ( Enter anonymous as the username and your email.address as the password. Once connected, you will see the prompt: ftp >_ 12

13 13 Anonymous FTP Login within UNIX

14 14 FTP Commands Binary- prepare to transfer a binary file ascii - prepare to transfer a text file get - receive file from server put - place file onto server

15 15 FTP Commands ls pwd quit or bye –List the files in the current directory –Show current directory –Quit the program

16 16 FTP Commands... mget prefix* ? cd help command –retrieve a group of files, prefix is the first few characters in the file name –list all commands –change directory –request help on command

17 17 Stepping through the Site Change Directory Listing the content of the folder Download the file

18 FTP from a Web Browser Enter the URL ftp:// Press ENTER To change directory, click once with the mouse Get back to the parent directory use “backspace” key 18

19 19 FTP from a Web Browser

20 20 FTP from a Web Browser

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