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ILO Code of Practice Management of Disability at the Workplace.

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1 ILO Code of Practice Management of Disability at the Workplace

2 Finalized and adopted by Tripartite Meeting of Experts, Geneva, 3-12 October 2001

3 The Context: ILO Goal - Decent Work Promote opportunities for women and men, including those with disabilities, to obtain decent and productive work, in conditions of freedom, equity, security and human dignity

4 Implementing Decent Work – People with Disabilities  Building the Knowledge Base  Advocacy  Technical Cooperation Services

5 ILO ‘Instruments’  Conventions  Recommendations  Codes of Practice

6 ILO Standards on Disability  Convention 159 - Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (Disabled Persons) 1983  Recommendation 168, 1983  Recommendation 99, 1955  Code of Practice – Managing Disability in the Workplace, 2001

7 “... an individual whose prospects of securing, retaining and advancing in suitable employment are substantially reduced as a result of a duly recognized physical, sensory, intellectual or mental impairment ” Person with a disability ILO Code of Practice - Managing Disability in the Workplace 2001

8 Code provides guidance on managing disability issues in Recruitment Promotion Job Retention Return to Work

9 Disability Management - Key Actors ENTERPRISES Employers’ Organisations Workers’ Organisations Organizations of/for People with Disabilities Competent Authorities

10 Code of Practice - Objectives Equal opportunities in the workplace Improved employment prospects Safe, accessible and healthy workplace Minimal employer costs associated with disability Maximal contributions of workers with disabilities to the enterprise.

11 Underlying Principles and Convictions Principles – Equality of opportunity, equality of treatment, non- discrimination – Mainstreaming Convictions – Obstacles faced by disabled persons arise largely from societal barriers – Effective disability management enables workers to contribute and employers to benefit –D.M. most effective when based on positive cooperation

12 Disability Management at the Workplace Framework for Disability Management Preparation of Strategy Communication, awareness raising Evaluating Effectiveness

13 Recruitment Preparation Employee Orientation Interviewing, testing Work Trials, Supported Employment Work Experience Progress Review

14 Promotion Career Development Employer-sponsored training External vocational training Review and appraisal

15 Job Retention/Return to Work Policy measures Assessment and Rehabilitation

16 Adjustments Accessibility Adaptations Incentives and Support Services Confidentiality of Information

17 Next Steps Dissemination Promotional and support materials Internal ILO policy and practice

18 ILO Code of Practice Management of Disability at the Workplace

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