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CREATING A RESUME. What is a resume?  Also known as a CV (Curriculum Vitae" which is Latin for "course of life“)  One page summary of your skills, education,

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2 What is a resume?  Also known as a CV (Curriculum Vitae" which is Latin for "course of life“)  One page summary of your skills, education, and experience (Naviance will print two pages, so for this assignment, two pages is fine.)  Acts like an advertisement for you. It gets you the interview. Once you’re at the interview, it is up to you to get the job. (This is just like how an ad gets a customer in the store but it is up to the product and retailer to make the sale.)

3 How long do employers look at a resume?  Less than 30 seconds  3 minutes  1 minute

4 How long do employers look at a resume?  Less than 30 seconds  Employers often receive hundreds of resumes for a single position. They don’t have time to pour over every word on each one. This increases the importance of the smallest details. (In other words, spell everything correctly and use proper grammar!)

5 Some colleges may request a resume but probably not, so why are you creating one?  Guidance – to identify scholarships  Opportunities YOU find may require one - scholarships, sports programs, or honors programs  Teachers (and guidance counselors) for recommendation  Easier to add more accomplishments to a started resume than create one from scratch.

6 Assignment Requirements  Heading – your personal information (formal name, address, way to contact you)  Objective – an explanation of the job/scholarship/admission you are seeking. You will change this for every position/scholarship/admission to which you apply. Always tailor your resume to suit the position.  Skills/Summary – some people use this to include talents not included elsewhere on the resume. For you this is required, but in the future you may decide to leave this part out depending on the purpose of the resume.

7 Assignment Requirements Continued  Education – As students, this is your first important piece of information. Your education is your most important asset at this point in your life.  Volunteer Experience – Have you volunteered? If so, include the organization, location, dates of volunteerism, and what you did while there.  Work Experience – Do you have work experience? If so, include the employers, location, dates of employment, and job title. Make sure your job title is accurate. (Office employee is very different from office manager. Assistant manager is different from assistant to the manger.) Note that job titles are NOT capitalized.

8 Assignment Requirements Continued  Extracurricular Activities – Employers (and colleges!) like to see people who have been involved in school or community activities (prom committee, Race for the Cure, drama club, etc). Include the years you participated. As a high school student, this section is very important for applying to college. Include all of your activities, not only those that are connected to high school.  Awards - honor roll, scholarships, team accomplishments, captain of the track team, etc.  References – make sure these are accurate, and make sure the people that will serve as your reference KNOW they are listed. (Note that if a job is listed on your resume, an employer may call any of these places; however, you should forewarn those you are placing on your resume.)

9 Objective samples (use active verbs)  To VERB with PLACE to VERB  To obtain part-time employment with a veterinary hospital to better understand animals and their owners in preparation for veterinary school  To obtain summer employment working with the elderly to successfully meet patient needs and understand the assisted living community in preparation for nursing school  To utilize my soccer and basketball background to obtain a summer position working with elementary-age children in a day camp setting where I can use my skills planning and executing fun and educational lessons about teamwork and sportsmanship  To utilize my passion for healthcare and the sciences to obtain a nursing degree from a four year university  To obtain a two year degree in automotive engineering from a hands-on technical college

10 Skills samples (be specific)  Experience traveling with family to India and Japan  Leadership experience as coach’s assistant for summer basketball league  Experience traveling to Mexico for ten days as a junior with high school Spanish class  Played snare drum in Orlando, Florida and San Diego California with high school drum line 2009 and 2011  Excellent team skills demonstrated with my belonging to Students Against Drunk Driving in 2009-11.

11 Assignment Specifics  Use action statements.  For this assignment you must write in complete sentences.  Spelling and grammar must be PERFECT!  For the resume you are producing for class, you must have TWO activities OR work OR volunteer experiences.

12 References  Make sure those you are using as a reference know that you plan to include them. Make sure to ASK if this is acceptable.  (By the way… those applying to college, you should ask your potential college references by the end of this month.)  Ask in person. Ask someone who knows you well.  Be sure to follow up again in September and put those names into Naviance. No, you should not click that you wish to view the reference. Most teachers and guidance counselors will not show you what has been written.  Give a written thank you after the reference is complete.  Follow up when you get an acceptances and make decisions!

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