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We help to improve social care standards September 2013 Supporting employers – The role of Skills for Care Mark Yates Area Manager – Midlands.

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1 we help to improve social care standards September 2013 Supporting employers – The role of Skills for Care Mark Yates Area Manager – Midlands

2 What do we do?  Sector Skills Council for adult social care in England  We ensure that the social care workforce has appropriately skilled people in the right places working to deliver high quality social care  Work closely with social care employers, people who use services, carers and other key partners, including health  We help to plan for the future workforce

3 Some Stats… (Social Care) CARE WORKERSVacancyTurnover National4.1%26.9% Derby City2.4%32.2% Derbyshire3.9%24.4% Source: National Minimum Data Set – Social Care (Open Access Dashboards) REGISTERED NURSEVacancyTurnover National5.0%29.2% Derby City1.3%23.7% Derbyshire3.8%31.7%

4 NMDS-SC  Helps organisations benchmark their workforce  Brings into focus the importance of recruitment and retention of staff  Underlines the importance of workforce planning for employers and commissioners, including health  Helps with future planning and policy direction nationally and regionally

5 What else do we know?  Growing demand in a challenging economic environment  Increasing expectations  Integration  Some poor media/public perceptions  Francis, Cavendish and Winterbourne (cross cutting)

6 Winterbourne “Good leadership is essential in setting the culture and values” “Recruit for values” “Providers should be… providing leadership in developing the right values and cultures in the organisation ” Transforming care: A national response to Winterbourne View Hospital Department of Health Review: Final Report (2012)

7 Francis “Healthcare employers recruiting nursing staff, whether qualified or unqualified, should assess candidates’ values, attitudes and behaviours...” “The NHS and all who work for it must adopt and demonstrate a shared culture in which the patient is the priority in everything done. This requires:  A common set of core values and standards shared throughout the system…” Report of the Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust Public Inquiry (2013)

8 Cavendish “Employers should be supported to test values, attitudes and aptitude for caring at recruitment stage “ “Managers need to recruit support workers with the right values, and then support them to do emotionally draining jobs” “A golden thread of values should run through all training in health and social care, defined by employers on the frontline. “ “It is the duty of employers to ensure that their staff demonstrate the right values and behaviours, and are competent to perform the tasks they are asked to do.“ The Cavendish Review An Independent Review into Healthcare Assistants and Support Workers in the NHS and social care settings (2013)

9 How can we help?  Recruiting for Values  Social Care Commitment  Other support/resources for employers…

10 The Values Based Toolkit  Research the impact of adopting a values based recruitment approach, cost benefit analysis and identifying best practice examples from employers  Includes job descriptions, profiling tool, interview questions and links to further resources to support the employer’s “usual” recruitment practices  Profiling tool currently only available to employers who register interest: toolkit toolkit  Just the starting point – leaders, managers and organisations need to drive values based culture

11 A Question of Care – A Career for You?  Interactive tool aimed at the individual who maybe considering a career in social care  Provides video clips and scenarios to test responses and assess values and produces a report for the individual at the end of the test  Undergoing refinement/adjustments via pilot group; will be available in September 2013 – Free of charge  Will be subject to further refinements until January 2014

12 The Social Care Commitment  Voluntary agreement about workforce quality  Signed up to by all parts of the adult social care sector in England  Cultivate confidence of the general public in our sector  Services delivered by skilled people with dignity and respect

13 How will it work?  No cost - Online system with own branding  Employer signs up first, then invites their employees to sign up to the employee statements: A series of workforce commitments  Employee statements are aligned with the Code of Conduct for Healthcare Support Workers and Adult Social Care Support Workers in England  Employer statements are written to mirror those of their employees  Links to Common Induction Standards, Common Core Principles, Code of Conduct, National Minimum Training Standards etc.

14 Other support for employers…  Standards and Qualifications  Developing skills  Common Core Principles of Dignity  Common Core Principles of Dementia  Sharing good practice - Integrated case studies

15 Integrated case studies…  Examined projects which demonstrated key impacts:  Reducing avoidable hospital admissions  Reablement and timely hospital discharges  Smoother transitions  Better use of resources

16 Examples…  Case Management:  Delivered in partnership between social care, health and housing  Improving quality of care, saving resources and reducing hospital admissions  Up skilling of the (care) workforce  Sharing resources/skills, reducing costs, improving outcomes

17 Workforce Development Fund  Contributes towards the costs of workers' completing eligible units and qualifications  Can also be used to help fund the delivery of intermediate and advanced level Apprenticeships in social care  Disbursed through our network of care partnerships  More information on care partnerships on our website

18 Getting involved  East Midlands Core Network  Get in touch with us, your Area Team  Visit our website: 

19 Contact Details Mark Yates Area Manager – Midlands Tel: 0121 742 9686 Mobile: 07919 468 034

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