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Welcome to The Bully Project You will need… your interactive bully notebook from class a pencil to write with headphones to block out the sound from others.

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2 Welcome to The Bully Project You will need… your interactive bully notebook from class a pencil to write with headphones to block out the sound from others or you can just listen without the headphones but turn down the volume if others share the space with you. Prepare to… listen to the voice AND read each slide carefully take notes when prompted inside of your notebook be sure to write down your answers to the reflection questions and exercises.

3 The Bully By Paul Langford

4 The Bully Read Aloud Journal by Paul Langford Your Name Here Fall 2012

5 Table of Contents 1.Read Aloud GoalsPage 3 2.Before We Read ActivitiesPage 4

6 READ ALOUD GOALS I Will… Read the story aloud to you at least 3 days a week to model what good reading looks like Help you keep a journal about what you are hearing in the story Teach you good reading and listening strategies to help you understand the story better You Will… SL4.2 Listen to the story read aloud and summarize/paraphrase what is heard drawing on details from the text SL4.1 talk collaboratively to your classmates about the book RL4.3 visualize and describe the characters, setting, or events in the story RL4.1 use your own experiences and details from the text to make connections and inferences W 4.10 write routinely about the book and create a PSA about bullying to share with your school mates. My goal for this project is to… Place Date Here

7 Lesson Goals Today we will review and practice using 4 thinking strategies that will help you understand the book better as I continue to read aloud to you.

8 Literary Element Review Story ElementDefinitionWhat Happens In Story Setting The setting is the time and place of the story or where and when the story takes place The story takes place… Character The character(s) is/are the people in the story Protagonist: The main character that the story revolves around Antagonist: A main character that acts against or causes problems for the protagonist The main characters in the story are… The protagonist is… The antagonist is… Plot: Conflict & Resolution The plot is the sequence of events in a story. A conflict is the problem or struggle that the the main character is experiencing and a resolution is how the conflict is solved. So far in the story… The conflict is…

9 STRATEGY ONE VISUALIZE Good readers make pictures in their head based on clues from the text. These pictures help them to understand what is happening in the story. Focus: Main Character, Setting, Plot

10 My Example Word Clues From The Text… …Darrell has always been short for his age. He was also skinny, without a respectable muscle in his small body. My Pictures In My Head… I WOULD DRAW MY PICTURE OF DARRELL HERE!!! SUMMARY: I pictured Darrell being very short and skinny, scrawny even with no muscles and very meek looking. This is probably why he is an easy target for bullying because he is so small in size.

11 Now You Try Word Clues From The Text… Physically, Malik was the opposite of Darrell. He was six feet tall with big muscular shoulders. He was just a freshman, yet, Malik had already earned a position on the varsity football team… Your Pictures In Your Head… DRAW YOUR PICTURE HERE SUMMARY EXPLANATION: Explain what you picture and why it is important to the story line.

12 STRATEGY TWO Good Readers Make Connections and Inferences as they read. When characters or events in the book remind you of someone or something from real life this is called making a connection. Connections help you to understand what is happening with the characters because you can relate it to the real world and your own background experiences. When you make an inference, you are drawing conclusions about events in the story based on clues that the author gives you. It is like reading between the lines or making an educated guess about things the author doesn’t say but you know you should be thinking about. FOCUS: Plot and Character Development

13 JOURNAL ACTIVITY 1.Which character do you identify with most and why? 2.Is there something that has happened to you that is similar to what has happened to Darrell? If so, write about it and tell what you did. 3.How would you feel and what would you do if you were: a)Darrel? b)Mom? c)Tyray? d)Uncle Jason? Pick ONE or write a free response.

14 STRATEGY THREE Good Readers Summarize by keeping track of the most important events and details in the text. It is almost like they keep a running log in their head by paraphrasing what is going on in their own words as they read. FOCUS: Plot and Character Development

15 Example of Summary Notes Chapter 1 Clues From The Text… Darrell lives in Philadelphia with Mom who is not working Darrell is small but has a best friend who is popular and big to protect him. He shares a final cheesesteak meal with his friend Malik before the move. Darrell has to move to Los Angeles to live with his uncle so his mom can get on her feet Darrell talks to his mom about the move and looks over Paraphrasing/What it means… Darrell and his mom are struggling to live in Philadelphia. Darrell will miss his friend Malik when he moves. Darrell wants his mom to be okay when they move but he is a little worried about the move too. SUMMARY STATEMENT: Darrell and his mom have to move to Los Angeles from Philadelphia to make life better but Darrell is worried about not having friends and getting bullied in the new place.

16 Summary Notes Chapters 2-23 Clues From The Text…Your Thoughts/What it means SUMMARY STATEMENT:

17 READY TO READ Now that we have reviewed the thinking strategies that we will use for our interactive read aloud, you are ready to be a good and active listener. Remember to bring your bully notebook back to class on Wednesday for our session together. See you then

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