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System Programming Gianpiero Cabodi

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1 System Programming Gianpiero Cabodi Marco Murciano

2 Course Objectives (1/2) Describe the Windows and UNIX (Linux) API (vs. C library), and their role in application development Perform file I/O and directory and file management Use structured exception handling for more reliable programs Exploit memory management, shared memory, mapped files, and dynamic link libraries (DLLs) Manage processes and develop multithreaded applications that use thread synchronization capabilities

3 Course Objectives (2/2) Understand I/O drivers architecture and interact with drivers Introduction to Embedded systems and applications Windows CE and Embedded Linux Labs on Windows and Linux platforms

4 Prerequisites Computer architecture and interrupts (basic)
Operating Systems: Memory management Processes File system I/O C language

5 Course Organization Classes: 6 hours/week
Last week: review course material Laboratory: 4 hours/week (starting 2° week) 2/3 labs c/o Microsoft

6 Class schedules Classes Labs Tuesday 08.30-10.30 room 8D
Friday room 6C Labs (Tuesday ???)

7 Text books J.M. Hart Windows System Programming. III edition. Addison-Wesley, 2002 ISBN W.R. Stevens: Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment. II Edition. Addison Wesley ISBN:

8 Course material “Portale della didattica” (

9 Exams Written exam, in two parts Lab assignment (to be defined…)
Test (questions / answers) Developing a program Lab assignment (to be defined…)

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