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October 4th, 2010

2 By the end of this lesson, you will be able to:
identify conflict as it appears in literature distinguish between Internal conflict and External conflict place conflict in one of three subcategories


4 What is Conflict? A struggle between two opposing forces in a novel, short story, or play. Essence of drama

5 Conflict Continued… Conflict is necessary for every story
Conflict adds suspense and excitement Before Climax: All of the events that lead up to the conflict After the Climax: Events that occur to resolve the conflict

6 Internal Conflict Definition:
A struggle that takes place in a character’s mind or heart is called internal conflict. A strong internal conflict can make a good story great

7 Internal Conflict is….. a character dealing with his or her own mixed feelings or emotions Example: a character may have to decide between right and wrong or between two solutions to a problem.

8 Internal Conflict Subcategory Man vs. Self
The struggle is inside one’s head/ the struggle is between the character and his/her conscience

9 External Conflict Definition:
A struggle between a character and an outside force is an external conflict.

10 Examples of External Conflict
Characters may face several types of outside forces. The outside force may be another character. It may be the character and the community. The outside force may also be forces of nature. For example, a story might be the main character struggling against the arctic cold.

11 External Conflict Subcategories: Man vs. Man
Two characters against each other. Can be represented by a group of people. It does not have to be a physical confrontation; it can be a battle between two ideas. Example: “The Three Little Pigs”=pigs vs. wolf

12 External Conflict Subcategories: Man vs. Nature
Anything surrounding a person. Weather, objects, activities, time, geography, etc. Basically anything external EXCEPT people. Example: Gary Paulsen’s Hatchet puts the young boy against nature when he finds himself to be the sole survivor of a plane crash that lands him in the wilderness

13 External Conflict Subcategories: Man vs. Society
Main source of conflict is social traditions or concepts with the protagonist and the society of which the protagonist are included Occurs when a character disagrees with societal values, laws, or beliefs. Example: Mark Twain’s Tom Sawyer is put against society in his adventures as he tries to live outside of the rules of his aunt and his community.

14 Conflict Centers for Tuesday!!

15 Children’s Literature
The Three Little Pigs by David Wiesner The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf Grandfather’s Journey by Allen Say The Great Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry The Butter Battle Book by Dr. Seuss Lily’s Cupboard by Shulamith Levey Oppenheim King of the Playground by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

16 Finding Conflict in Current Book
Identify the conflict in the current book you are reading Fill out the Finding Conflict sheet Circle what type of conflict it is and what sub category of conflict it is as well

17 Conflict in Movies Twilight Remember the Titans Mean Girls
Harry Potter The Blind Side Finding Nemo Sisterhood of Traveling Pants Up 17 Again Shrek High School Musical Toy Story

18 Conflict Skit A teenager is torn between ditching school with her friends and staying to take a test in a class she is failing. A man is chased by a wild animal in the forest. A husband and wife disagree about how their money should be spent. A woman is in a hurry and runs a red light. A teenager breaks the curfew set by his/her parents.


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