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Customer Sales Presentation Stoneware webNetwork Powered by ThinkServer.

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1 Customer Sales Presentation Stoneware webNetwork Powered by ThinkServer

2 2  The Challenges  The Solution – Stoneware webNetwork Powered by ThinkServer  Why Lenovo for this Offering –Seamless & Secure –Easy to Deploy & Use –Integrated Solution  IT and End User Benefits  Customer List  Next Steps Outline

3 3 The Challenge Most user’s want Simplicity and Access from Multiple devices and IT needs granular Control while maintaining Security policies… Public Cloud Private Cloud Hybrid Cloud Public + Private + Device = Unified Cloud

4 4  Stoneware webNetwork Powered by ThinkServer allows IT to create a cloud; where files, applications and reports from individual devices, public and private clouds can be accessed through a single web- based interface with a single password –Access is now as easy as going to a Browser –From anywhere –At any time The Solution – Stoneware webNetwork Powered by ThinkServer

5 5  Seamless & Secure Access –Unified Cloud – access to applications, services and network files –Single web-based interface with a single password –Secure control of delivery of services  Easy Deployment & Use –Startup Pack –Ease of Use –Unified Cloud makes it easier for IT to deliver services –ThinkServer Lifecycle System Management  Integrated Solution –Tested & Validated –Lenovo ThinkServers, Operating System, webNetwork software, Extreme Switches, Lenovo Cloud Ready Clients Why Lenovo For This Offering

6 6 Seamless & Secure Access Consistent User Interface  For both home & work  From any device to any device via a browser Rich set of Capabilities Applications, Content & Services Customizable by Business Units Broad Enablement  For consumer (public cloud), and  For corporate (private cloud)  Scalable worldwide “Player” app Cloud Desktop Application Selector Custom applications Security ChinaUS Private Cloud Hosted with an IaaS partnerIn Customer’s own Data Center All Lenovo devices Cloud Ready Clients ID & Single Sign-On

7 7  Remote Installation and configuration of webNetwork Server(s)  45 Days Phone Support  24 Hours Pre-Sales Technical Support Consulting Easy Deployment – Startup Pack

8 8  Leverages Current Directory –Set up new users –Grant access to specific files & applications –Remove users Ease of Use - webNetwork  Delivers Optimal User Experience –Any device…smart phone, tablet, notebook –Intelligently delivers data and applications based on unique capabilities of the device

9 9 Ease of Use - ThinkServer System Management Plan/Size: Rack Planner Deploy: EasyStartup Monitor/Optimize: EasyManage & SmartGrid Manage: ThinkServer Management Module Maintain: Firmware Updater Server Lifecycle Management

10 10  Components: –Lenovo ThinkServers –Windows Server 2012 Standard –webNetwork Software –Extreme Networks Switch –Lenovo Cloud Ready Clients  Stoneware webNetwork Powered by ThinkServer Solution Guide Integrated, Tested and Validated Solution

11 11 Components - Compute ThinkServer RD330  Operating System –Windows Server 2012 Standard  ThinkServer RD330 –1x E5-2407 –2x 4GB RAM –2x 500GB SATA –RAID 1 configured –RAID 500 –1 Power supply

12 12 Summit X440 Series Benefits & Features  The Summit X440 Series extends the intelligence, insight and control of Extreme Networks XOS to the access edge in a compact, cost effective series of stackable switches.  High Availability –ExtremeXOS Operating System – robust, modular operating system helps ensure uptime with process isolation, monitoring and automatic restart –SummitStack - reduce management overhead by combining multiple switches into a single logical unit –Ethernet Automatic Protection Switching (EAPS) resiliency protocol –External power supply for redundant power  Advanced traffic management for converged applications  Comprehensive Security – identity aware security allows fine grained insight and control  Redundant Power – available redundant power supply contributes to better reliability Components - Connect

13 13  Lenovo Cloud Ready Clients –Clients that are able to express to the cloud the following: –Graphics processing –Local processor power –Multi-factor authentication –Memory usage –Network bandwidth –With this information, the cloud can optimize delivery of services based on the combined resources of the cloud and the client device accessing those services Components - Access

14 14  Provide a simple, consistent experience across devices  One username/password to access all resources  Access files, applications and data from mobile devices  Reduce password related help desk calls  Increase collaboration and sharing  Work from anywhere with an Internet connection Benefits- Make End Users Happy

15 15  Enable BYOD, significantly reducing technology acquisition costs  Reduce helpdesk costs by lowering password calls  Reduce the need for VPNs  Eliminate the need to implement VDI  Shrink the number and size of desktop images  Extend the desktop refresh cycle  Lower licensing costs through application monitoring  Deliver lower cost public cloud applications Benefits - Decrease Your Costs

16 16 Customer List

17 17  Learn More from a Lenovo Specialist  Download the webNetwork Unified Cloud Solution Guide  Deploy the Startup Pack Next Steps


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