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Helping teachers connect instantly with students and parents Kim Clark – Marcia Torgrude –

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1 Helping teachers connect instantly with students and parents Kim Clark – Marcia Torgrude – Small Nudges

2 How can I get the most out of Remind to connect with students and parents? Get all our information at – or

3 Key Features CONNECT INSTANTLY Sign up in 15 seconds on the web or mobile app. Students and parents can join your class by text, email or app. CONNECT FREELY Teachers, students, and parents can use for free. No commitments or classroom changes required. CONNECT EFFICIENTLY Send or schedule messages ahead of time. Attach photos, files, or voice clips. Get instant feedbacks with Stamps. CONNECT SAFELY Phone numbers are always kept private. No 1:1 messaging Download your message history for audit requests.

4 What is Remind?

5 Simpler, more e ffi cient communication impacts education Harvard Research, Teacher-Family Communication DECREASED teacher redirection INCREASED class participation INCREASED homework completion Harvard Research Study (2012) conducted a study with a Boston charter school in which they added text messaging to classroom communication. SOURCE

6 Remind is a safe and simple way to connect with students and keep in touch with parents. With Remind, classroom communications is free, simple, and safe: All phone numbers are kept private. Send or schedule messages. Get instant feedback with Stamps. Attach photos, files, or voice clips. Send directly to students’ and parents’ phones.

7 Why Remind vs. text messaging? Safe, Simple, Efficient Never see anyone’s phone numbers Sign up in 15 seconds Send broadband messages to entire groups in seconds

8 Teachers everywhere are telling us that Remind is making an impact Remind is for everyone Remind engages students Remind involves parents 90% of users are public - More than 50% of K-12 teachers - Over 60% of parents and students School teachers said that Remind homework turn-in increased Rates increased with parent involvement

9 Get started with Remind in 15 seconds!

10 Teacher to Parents via Text


12 Administrator to Teachers Hi! We need to confirm your email address before adding you to M. Torgrude's TIE Teacher (@tiete) on Remind. Please click this link to confirm your subscription.this link Email to Choose your role as a teacher

13 Step 1 Download App or Visit Site  Sign up via OR  Download our mobile app on iOS or Android

14 Step 2 Register  Select your role  Enter your full name and e-mail address  Create password

15 Step 3 Once you’re registered, add a Class Name your class Mark whether there are students under the age of 13 Things to know: Create up to 10 class groups Name your class something recognizable Organize your classes by subject level or audience group (students, parents, or both)

16 Step 4 Invite students and parents to join the class Students and parents can join your class by your unique class @code. Send the code in these three ways: Invite students and parents by e-mail or mobile number Project or send instructions to download the app or text class @code to your Remind phone number Share your unique link: to have your class join by mobile number Things to know : Invite students and parents in these ways BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT PRINT PDF AND SEND HOME FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL POST ON CLASS WEBSITE SEND AN E-MAIL SOCIAL MEDIA

17 Question: What would you like to remind your class about? 1.Remind’s schedule ahead option 2.Send daily reminders 3.Send message with an attachment 4.Send message with an image 5.Send voice messages – through your phone app 6.Send web links including video links


19 Ways to get started with Remind LESSON PLANNING Remind’s schedule ahead option allows you to plan an entire unit, or even school year, at a time! HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS Easily send your students and their parents the homework assignment each night through a quick Remind message. CLASS DOCUMENTS Attach important class files and photos to your messages. View who has opened your attachments and get instant feedback with Stamps. QUESTIONS FOR CRITICAL THINKING Extend learning beyond the classroom by sending your students preview questions for the next lesson. Student can quickly respond with Stamps. MOTIVATIONAL MESSAGES AND IMAGES Encourage students to reach their goals through motivational messages and attached inspirational images. Students can star your messages with Stamps. FACTS AND TIPS Send students daily facts or vocabulary words straight to their cell phones each day. TRIVIA Send students trivia questions based on content they’ve learned in class. Get instant student feedback with Stamps. LAST-MINUTE SCHEDULE CHANGES Alert your students and their parents of last-minute schedule changes in the school or class calendar.


21 “ Every child deserves a champion: an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists they become the best they can possibly be.” — Rita Pierson, Educator SOURCE TED

22 and Share tips, feedback and feature requests by joining Remind on:

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