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Rugby &Rosie Commands Manners Proud TrainersGraduation.

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2 Rugby &Rosie Commands Manners Proud TrainersGraduation

3 Commands-Short, firm instructions (Page 71) Dad showed me how to teach her simple commands: come, sit, down, stay, and heel. We have taught our dog to obey many different commands.

4 Manners-habits of behavior (Page 71) We all worked to teach her good manners. My father sometimes has to remind me to watch my manners at the dinner table Please and Thank You.

5 Proud-feeling very pleased with something (Page 72) I wanted to be proud of her. I am very proud of the picture I painted.

6 Trainers-teacher, coach (Page 76) But the trainers said that she was doing fine and would graduate with her new owner. We had two different trainers who worked with our dog, Zeke.

7 Graduation-ceremony to mark the completion of a full course of study (Page 76) At the graduation, there were lots of people and dogs. I went to my little sisters kindergarten graduation last year.

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