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Elliptical Trainer Kyle Davis

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1 Elliptical Trainer Kyle Davis
Constructed for the gym and built to last for all who want a great workout……. Elliptical Trainer Kyle Davis

2 What is an Elliptical Trainer?
An elliptical trainer also known as cross-trainer Stationary exercise machine used to simulate walking or running Without causing excessive pressure to the joints Decreases the risk of impact injuries.

3 How did Ellipticals start?
Larry D. Miller created the Elliptical trainers in 90’s Idea was to take the running motion +put it into a machine Theme was to puts less strain on the joints Early 2000’s bigger demand in Health clubs Hmmm yes It’ll be perfect!!

4 How did Ellipticals start? Cont..
Became the most popular equipment in Use of elliptical trainers grew 260 percent Many major fitness manufacturers have made home models More convenient way to use for public

5 How do Elliptical Trainers work?
Elliptical trainers feature large sturdy frames Surrounded by a pair of large rails. User puts his or her feet into a set of foot plates He or she then pushes forward and back with their legs Movement pattern based on the biomechanics of running INJURY Reduces Injury!!

6 How do Elliptical Trainers work? Cont….
These elliptical rails also called cross ramps Can be adjusted to various heights Ranging from 1 percent grade to 20 percent grade Difficulty of the pedaling movement can also be controlled All by the press of a button on the console Levels of intensity range from 1 to 15 on most machines.

7 What Muscles does a Elliptical work?
Elliptical works a variety of muscle groups Hamstrings- When leg flexion occurs Can be activated through the “hill climbing” option Quadriceps- When leg extension occurs While working this many muscles are activated Gluteus Maximus- When hip extension occurs Incline = Great butt!

8 What Muscles does a Elliptical work? Cont….
Triceps + Chest- Activated through “pushing” motion Achieved by pushing and straitening the arms Biceps + Back- Activated through ‘pulling’ motion Achieved with elbow flexion of the arm Deep Core Muscles- Activated when user runs without holding on

9 Most Importantly… THE HEART!
Ellipticals train the cardiovascular system The Heart is activated constantly How hard this muscle works = how hard you work!

10 Major Companies that manufacturer these trainers?
There are many companies that make the elliptical, the following are a few….

11 How much does these cost?
Many varieties of Ellipticals For home use or at most local gyms Range from small and compact to large Life Fitness Cross Trainer= Around 2000$ Smooth Fitness CE Series= 1200$-1500$ Horizon EX Series= Around 500$

12 What are the benefits of using a Elliptical?
Workout for people with hip, knee and back problems Mimic running without aggravating users joints Offer a non-aggravating cardiovascular workout Can range from light to high intensity based on the resistance

13 What are the benefits of using a Elliptical?
Ellipticals also provide for a full range in workouts, these include: steady state programs with levels hill climbs with alternating ranges interval training with different intesnity levels Cardio for those who are recovering from a injury /physical therapy

14 Why not a treadmill instead?! Is there EVEN a difference?!

15 Elliptical vs. Treadmill: Which is Better?
Treadmill Benefits Versatility- Uphill to level Emulates Natural Movements- exactly like running High Work Output-forces you to stay constant Weight Bearing Effect- helps strength, balance etc. Well-Researched- have been around 1800’s and are proven to work

16 Elliptical Benefits Non-Impact Conditioning- easy on the joints!
Cross-Training Ability-allow for both upper and lower body exercise! Reverse Stride- run in reverse! Perceived Exertion Is Lower- You will feel like your not working as hard as you really are!

17 Elliptical Trainer Cons
Less dynamic- no incline just intensity  Less Weight Bearing Effect- not as much bone strengthening Momentum- you can use machines own power to move it

18 Treadmill Cons Can Be Tough On Joints
Safety Issue- such as falling off or injury Unnatural Handles- nothing to hold onto in reality Posture Problems- can cause muscle imbalances Difficulty- naturally is hard

19 Calorie Burn Elliptical
Varies depending on person Estimating calories burns, if you weigh: 125 pds workout for 30min =322 calories burned 125 pds workout for 60min =645 calories burned 150 pds workout for 30min =386 calories burned 150 pds workout for 60min =773 calories burned

20 Bottom Line… Elliptical!!!
Elliptical is a effective Cardiovascular machine Minimal impact on joints while training Good for beginners! Good for users in recovery from injury

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