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Objectives 1. ) Describe online learning

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1 Chapter 6 The Changing Face of Education—Teaching Online By: Heather Evans and Misty Moore

2 Objectives 1. ) Describe online learning
Objectives 1.) Describe online learning. Online Learning utilizes a local network (such as a school network) or the Internet for delivery of content and interaction between students and teachers as well as content 2.) Describe how online technologies are changing the ways we teach and learn. (Example: Apps, Wiki, Web pages, screencasts) 3.) Explain the difference between 100 percent online and blended learning. 100 percent is a course taught completely on the web. A blended learning environment is a traditional brick-and-mortar school and virtual school combined to offer the advantages of both schools. 4.) What is a virtual school? An institution not bound by brick-and-mortar buildings.

3 Jeopardy Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 Category 4 1 point 2 points

4 Jeopardy The process you develop and tools you use to organize your day to be more efficient and productive. Answer

5 Jeopardy What is Time Management?

6 Jeopardy Refers to a type of service that allows meeting events to be shared with individuals in different locations to obtain training via the web. Answer

7 Jeopardy What is Web Conferencing?

8 Jeopardy Where eLearning classes take place and are used on networking to discuss topics, work on team projects, and check grades. Answer

9 Jeopardy What is a Virtual Classroom Environment?

10 Jeopardy Some of these require banner ads to be placed in your wiki.

11 Jeopardy What is Hosting Sites?

12 Jeopardy A teacher who creates individualized lessons and engages with the learner through personal communication, feedback, and assessment, as well as provides support and encouragement. Answer

13 Jeopardy What is a Learning Coach?

14 Jeopardy This uses nontraditional methods to
determine whether students have mastered the appropriate content and skill level.

15 Jeopardy What is Alternative Assessment?

16 Jeopardy In the same way that you need to keep up
with content knowledge relative to your curriculum area, you also need to stay up to date with this.

17 Jeopardy What is Current Educational Technologies?

18 Jeopardy Educational practices are at this
point as a result of Web 2.0 and communications tools that have brought a renewed interest in changing the dynamics of instruction.

19 Jeopardy What is a Tipping Point?

20 Jeopardy A method of instruction in which two
or more teachers work together to combine their individual talents into one class or course.

21 Jeopardy What is Team Teaching?

22 Jeopardy An informal Web site consisting of time-stamped articles, or post, in a diary or journal format, usually listed in reverse chronological order.

23 Jeopardy What is a Blog?

24 Jeopardy A school with physical buildings for teachers and students to gather.

25 Jeopardy What is a Brick-and-Mortar School?

26 Jeopardy Recorded audio stored in a file on a Web site.

27 Jeopardy What is a Podcast?

28 Jeopardy The first virtual school in the nation.

29 Jeopardy What is Florida Virtual School?

30 Jeopardy Similar to interactive whiteboards used in face-to-face classrooms except these are 100 percent online and do not have as many features.

31 Jeopardy What is an Online Whiteboard?

32 Jeopardy The delivery of instruction from one location to another.

33 Jeopardy What is Distance Education?

34 Jeopardy

35 Jeopardy Question 16

36 Jeopardy

37 Jeopardy Question 17

38 Jeopardy

39 Jeopardy Question 18

40 Jeopardy

41 Jeopardy Question 19

42 Jeopardy

43 Jeopardy Question 20

44 Jeopardy Thanks for playing Jeopardy!

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