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11/4-11/8.  Thinking back to the other day, what were three of the things that we would have encountered had we been a pilgrim travelling on the Mayflower?

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1 11/4-11/8

2  Thinking back to the other day, what were three of the things that we would have encountered had we been a pilgrim travelling on the Mayflower?

3  Explain how the Pilgrims managed to survive their first years in the Plymouth Colonies  Compare and Contrast the Wampanoag Indians and Plymouth  Gain useful vocabulary for the 13 Colonies

4  Complete the following:  Interactive website followed by a RAFT  Compare and Contrast  Timeline  I will be collecting this for a grade on Monday.

5  Which settlement would you have wanted to live in, Jamestown or Plymouth (Pilgrims)? Why?  Must contain 3-4 sentences  Get your Vocab Homework out, Leave on desk.  Place Pilgrim Packet into Orange Bin.

6  Review our vocabulary homework to make sure we understand the words and their definitions.  Identify the geographical regions and their differences between the 13 Colonies.

7  Students will need 3 different color, crayons, markers, or colored pencils.  Colored map as a class together  Students worked with a partner who was near them to answer the 10 questions that were based off of the map

8  To help students remember the 13 colonies, and get use to using vocabulary, we learned a song. This song is on my webpage, and can be found on  Students had to underline vocabulary terms, and box definitions that were in the song. They even had to define the words that we underlined as a class as well.

9  What are the names of the 4 New England Colonies?  What are the names of the 4 Middle Colonies?  What present-day states are missing in the 13 Colonies?

10  Examine why the 13 colonies were formed, and who formed them through a podcast  When students are done with the podcast, they will have time to go through a Study Island lesson that will help us finish up the 13 Colonies.  Classes will also have an opportunity to teach the song to students who were absent at the time.

11  Study Island Log-in: lsc(insert Lunch Number)  Password: Lunch Number

12  What was the similar theme for the founding of the New England Colonies?.

13  Finish our podcast lessons with Mr. Zoller about why the 13 colonies were founded.  Explain how English political traditions influenced the 13 colonies  Describe the responsibilities of early colonial governments  Understand how Navigations Acts affect the colonies’ economy

14  Mr. Zoller’s podcasts can be found on  I have placed the links on my webpage under classlinks.  Mr. Zoller will help guide you through the lesson.

15  Answer the following based on our packet that we just completed:  Which colony would you chose to live in and why?  What are the two main reasons that all of the colonies were founded based on your research?

16 1. Summarize 2. Elaborate 3. Investigate 4. Justify 5. Explain

17  All students are taking the Science MSL today. Tomorrow will be another A-day to make sure students are not behind a full day.

18  Log-in: LCS(insert lunch #)  Password: lunch #  Lunch#s will vary from student to student, they should know them.

19  Log-on to  Take the History Pre-test  This Pre-test is very similar to the EOG questions

20  Get our your laptop and log-on to  Write down your homework. Raise your hand so Mr. Toth or Ms. Farley can sign our agenda.  Turn in your progress reports

21  Demonstrate our research skills and our knowledge of the 13 colonies with a project :D

22  Log-on to and complete the assignment listed above. You will have today’s class time to complete the task asked of you. It should not take any more time than today’s class.

23  Log-on to study island when done with our posters and complete the Historical Thinking lesson, games, and test.

24  Get out your project. Turn it in to, or have it out on our desk. I will be collecting these.  Answer: What colonies did you choose to do the project on and why?  Write down your homework.

25  GO to the back of the room. Excludes new students.  Students who didn’t do their project will have 30 minutes to compete their work.  Students who did their project will be able to play study games on

26  Clear your desk of everything except a pen or pencil.

27  Lets take a virtual fieldtrip!  You will need to answer questions as we watch the video.  Talking and disruptive behavior = 4x4

28  Would you have liked to live in the colonial era (the days of the colonies)? Explain.  Needs to be 3-4 sentences in length.

29  Read pages 102-106  Answer questions: 1(a-b), 2(a-b), and 4-7  Turn in to orange bin.  Pick up Homework next to sign out laptop.  Read quietly when done.

30  Go to People People

31  Log-on to  Complete 13 Colonies assignments

32  Write down: Review day  Write down your homework.  Get out Daily Life in Colonial America Sheet, and your laptop.

33  Finish up the Daily Life activity we started the day before  Review for their Unit Test that will occur next time I see them.

34  You will have 30mins to complete page 22 of your notebook as we started this task yesterday. You may work with your group members.

35  Review puzzles:  I have, Who has: 13 colonies, slave trade, and Powhatan tribe.  Review Games:  

36  Unit Test Day!!!  Log-on to take “Unit 2 Test”  When done, take “America Revolution Pre- test”

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