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A Study of Galatians & Philippians Spring 2013 Philippians Introduction and Chapter 1.

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2 A Study of Galatians & Philippians Spring 2013

3 Philippians Introduction and Chapter 1

4 Introduction to Philippians

5 Named for Philip II of Macedon – Father of Alexander the Great Roman Colony – In the province of Macedonia – No synagogues in the city The church in Philippi – Founded on Paul’s 2 nd Missionary Journey (c. A.D. 51) – Visited on 3 rd Journey – Paul had a great love for this church (4:1)

6 Introduction to Philippians Purpose for the epistle – Thank you letter – They had sent a gift to Paul (2:25; 4:10, 14) – They had sent help to him in Thessalonica (4:15, 16) and in Corinth (2 Cor. 11:9) – They had given liberally to the needy saints (2 Cor. 8:1-5) – Letter sent by Epaphroditus (2:25-30) – Warning about Judaizers (3:1-4) – Appeal for peace and unity with Eudia and Syntyche (4:2-3)

7 Introduction to Philippians Date of the epistle – c. A.D. 60-62

8 Chapter 1 Salutation (1-2) Paul & Timothy – Bondservants of Christ To the saints – Bishops (overseers) – Deacons Grace & Peace

9 Chapter 1 Thanksgiving & Prayer (3-11) His thanksgiving for them (3-5) – Always in every prayer – Joy because of their continued fellowship His confidence in them (6-7) – God will complete what He began – They are partakers with Paul in his imprisonment and his work of preaching the Gospel His longing for them (8) His prayer for them (9-11) – That their love may continue to abound With knowledge and discernment Approve what is excellent May be pure and blameless Filled with the fruit of righteousness

10 Chapter 1 The Progress of the Gospel (12-18) His imprisonment has been good for the spread of the Gospel (12-14) – Spread throughout the Praetorium (Imperial) Guard – His is incarcerated because of his faith (and preaching) – Others have been emboldened by his courage The motives of some preachers – Some preach out of love, but others from envy and rivalry – Some want to hurt Paul – He will rejoice anyway because Christ is proclaimed

11 Chapter 1 The Reason For His Joy (19-26) Your prayers have been a help – Will eventuate my deliverance In all things, including imprisonment, he desires to honor life or death – “For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain!” The dilemma: – To live or die? – There is an advantage with either – He will choose life, because that is better for them I will remain and continue with you for your progress and joy in the faith

12 Chapter 1 The Appeal to The Philippians (27-30) For steadfastness whether he is with them or not – Let your life be worthy of the Gospel Don’t be frightened of your enemies – They will be destroyed and you will be saved You will suffer for His sake – Just like I have


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