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Fractional Distillation

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1 Fractional Distillation

2 Chemical vs Physical Changes
Chemical Changes Physical Changes Molecular structure changes Molecules DON’T disappear they are rearranged to form a new compound EX. Combustion Molecular structure remains the same Ex. Evaporation Condensation

3 Fractional Distillation
Using heat to separate any mixture into its various components

4 Fractional Distillation of Crude
Separates the mixture of crude oil into various hydrocarbons

5 How does it work? Crude oil is pumped in from storage vats.

6 Crude oil enters furnace and is heated.
Hydrocarbons separate at various temps.

7 Fractions evaporate/condense at different boiling points based on size of hydrocarbon

8 Fractions are placed in separate containers and further refined if needed


10 Why is there a perpetual flame at the top of the distillation tower?

11 What types of products do we use daily that are made from crude oil?
Other Products

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