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-Page Size for Project --Design, Page Set Up -- Screen shots -- (Alt PrintScreen) -Objects –Insert Tab --iIlustrations, links, text box -Editing Images—Double.

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2 -Page Size for Project --Design, Page Set Up -- Screen shots -- (Alt PrintScreen) -Objects –Insert Tab --iIlustrations, links, text box -Editing Images—Double click on image -- adjustments, styles, -- arrange, crop, resize -- save picture as -Saving slides—as jpg or gif images -- as pdf or web page Collaging with PowerPoint

3 Design, Page Set up Change the page size. Poster Size

4 --use blank slides (Home, Layout, Blank) –write text by inserting shapes and text boxes (Insert, Picture, Shapes or Text Box). Each shape, picture, text box, is an object. --Use Screen Shots (Alt, PrintScreen) to capture pages, menus, etc. Collaging with PowerPoint

5 Screen Shot of a Word doc pasted into ppt.

6 Pre-Assessment Results: For the pre-assessment, the students were asked to fill out a self-evaluation form rating how they thought they would do on their test before reviewing using the Jeopardy game. The students could score themselves as a 1 being “AHH!!! I’m going to bomb it,” 2 “Just ok. I don’t remember how to answer a lot of the questions,” 3 “I remember how to answer some of the questions but not all,” 4 “I’m going to do well but need to study more,” or a 5 “I know everything and will get 100%.” According to the 26 students who took the before review self-evaluation they scored themselves as follows: two 1’s, three 2’s, nine 3’s, eleven 4’s, and no 5’s. One student circled 2, 3, and 4 as their before evaluation. I learned from my pre assessment data that my students did not feel confident.

7 Add text to a shape- just type. Add Text using a Text Box. All inserts are clickable objects. Click to select—Drag to move and resize. --Right click for menu options text—click within the object; format the object –click on the outline

8 Fade out using Transparency Fadeouts and Gradients also work for shapes.

9 Fade out using Transparency

10 Design, Background, Format Background, Picture, Insert Large, bold, and blurry.

11 Insert, Picture, drag corner to resize, Recolor, Washout. Right click, Save as Picture. Then insert the new image as a background.

12 Group these clipart images, washout, save as a picture. Use as a background image –Design, Background, Format, Fill, Picture, Insert.

13 Images- Save, Insert, Edit. Save the largest image available into folder. Right click, ‘Save target as’. Insert, Picture. Double click on picture for Picture Tools

14 Drawing Tools and Picture Tools Double click on the object to see the menu. Using a small image as a navigation button.

15 Right Click Objects – Format, Arrange order, Resize, and Hyperlink Label with shapes

16 Screen Shot – Alt, Print Screen Crop using Picture Tools Double click on image.

17 Link on an image to a website Link on a ‘thumbnail’ to the full size image or created document. Link on objects- Action or Hyperlink

18 Fool the eye –Make the map ‘clickable’

19 Insert a saved, edited image as a background. Draw a ‘scribble shape’ around an area. (Insert, Shapes, Lines, Scribble). Hyperlink the shape. It appears the map is clickable.

20 Format the shape (Right click on outside line), Fill-Slide background fill, Line Color-No line.

21 Hyperlink on a background image: Format the shape (Right click on shape border), Fill-Slide background fill, Line Color-No line.

22 Custom Animations – Click on an Object Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item4 W O W !

23 Recording Narration

24 1.Recording within ppt –Insert Sound, Record Sound (poor quality) 2.Try recording your voice using the recorder in your computer. Start, Programs, Accessories, Entertainment, Sound Recorder. Save the wav file; Insert, Sound, From file. 3. Use Audacity to record your narration. Open a saved music file. Adjust the sound levels of each track, fade in/out portions, edit recordings and File, Export as wav or mp3 file. Save the file in the same folder as the ppt. Audacity –free software Audacity Recording Narration-3 ways

25 Adding Sounds –several ways -Sound on an Object: ‘Insert, Action, Play Sound, Other Sound’—only accepts wav files; displays Office 2003 menu. -If the sound is inserted on the slide, not on an object – ‘Insert, Sound, From File’, (see the speaker), mp3 files are accepted. Wav files are much larger than mp3 files. WAV 1.4MB MP3 261 KL =

26 Locate sound files (wav, avi, or mp3) and save in the project folder. Sites for free sound clips to use in projects. (Click on ‘preview mp3’ to listen. Right click, preview mp3, ‘Save Target as’ to save in project folder.) http://soundboard.com ; (Choose category—try Science. Search a topic. Playlist to preview; Download track, choose track) http://freeplaymusic.com; (Choose ‘style’ or ‘feel’; click on mp3 to open and preview or save) Locating Sounds and Music

27 Embedding & Linking Video

28 Embed a YouTube video to play in your ppt: (you must have an Internet connection for the movie to play) Click the Office button PowerPoint Options. Check Show Developer Tab in the ribbon. Click Developer tab in the ribbon. In Controls group click Scroll down and choose Shockwave Flash Object, OK. On your blank slide drag the + to create a box to show the movie. Children’s Book - YouTube

29 Right click in the box, Properties.

30 Movie: Copy the YourTube video URL (Ctrl C) and paste (Ctrl V) in the movie line. Click in the URL and delete watch? leave the v delete the = Replace the = with a slash / (example: Change to ) Click in Loop: pull down and change ‘ true ’ to ‘ false ’ (to play video once and not repeat) Playing: click, pull down and change ‘ true ’ to ‘ false ’ (to be able to click on video to start rather than it playing automatically.) Close the window, click right corner ‘ X ’ Save (Ctrl S) the PowerPoint and play the slide show. (Note: You must have an Internet connection for the movie to play.)

31 Hyperlink on Image Copy/Paste URL

32 Hyperlink Color – Never allow the link to blend into background.

33 Plan Navigation On Each Slide Prevent Random Clicking –Use shapes or images –Be consistent Design Tab, Advance Slide –deselect ‘On Mouse Click’ –must click on a linked object/word. -- automatically after ……

34 Prevent random clicking on all the slides Lock the show to prevent random clicking. Slide Show, Set up Show, Check ‘Browsed by an individual’.

35 Audacity – free audio editor * Audacity – a free open source software for recording and editing sounds. Free download from ‘ sourceforge ’ Also download LAME MP3 encoder - Allows Audacity to export MP3 files. The first time you use the program to save a mp3, the program looks for a way to encode the file. The file must be associated using LAME encoder file ‘ lame_enc.dll ’. Browse for the file. (It may be in C:\Program files\Lame folder).LAME MP3 encoder Documentation and tutorials Audacity Wiki BACK to recording

Download ppt "-Page Size for Project --Design, Page Set Up -- Screen shots -- (Alt PrintScreen) -Objects –Insert Tab --iIlustrations, links, text box -Editing Images—Double."

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