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Hobby Hobby.

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1 Hobby Hobby

2 Reading

3 Fishing

4 Sport

5 Gardening

6 Travelling

7 Dancing

8 Painting

9 [d] – do, does, dance, do sports. Do you like gardening or cooking?
[t] - tell, talk, travel. Do you like to travel? [r] – read, roller-skate, crazy. I am crazy about it.

10 I like… I like to read. I like to play. I like to study every day I like to sing. I like to run. You know, it is fun.

11 Answer the questions 1. Do you have free time? 2. Does your mother have free time? 3. Do you play badminton or tennis? 4. Does your father play football? 5. Does your mother play computer games? 6. Do you like music?

12 Make up questions 1. I like sports. 2. Misha likes to speak English. 3. They drive a car. 4. Computers can always help you. 5. It is fun.

13 Reading Sport Cooking Gardening

14 Что вы думаете о …? Выскажите свое мнение.
I think… It is fun. To my mind… It is interesting. It is easy. It is my hobby. I do it every day. I am crazy about it. It is boring. It is difficult.

15 Hometask: Write Robin a letter about your hobby.
Write Misha an about your hobby, his address is Talk about your hobby with your friends.

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