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Film Title: ‘Career Suicide’ Director: N/A Film Length: 1minute 5seconds.

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1 Film Title: ‘Career Suicide’ Director: N/A Film Length: 1minute 5seconds

2  The film starts off in what looks like a normal everyday office. However, the audience and main character soon realises that it is not all what it seems and that the office space is actually Heaven and Hell.  The main actress is then given a quick tour of the building and ends up in what looks like a basement.  She is then told that she has this part of the job (Not a very good one!) because she ‘killed herself’.  The film then quickly ends with a very disappointed main actress.

3 Establishing shot: This allows the location of the film to be easily recognised by the audience. A dolly shot slowly tracks the 2 characters. This emphasises their importance to the audience and shows that they are the main actress’s within the film. I found this film on the website ‘’ and no other website. This suggests that the company who created the film is very limited on funds, therefore has to rely on free video sharing distributers. Once again, the short film is suggested as being quite unknown through the video only being viewed 1995 times. This could be linked to the film only being distributed and exhibited on and no where else.

4 Editing/Camera Shots Shot reverse shot Editing is used through out this short film to show the various conversations that occur. Camera shot Throughout the film, close ups are used to show the conversation ‘s between the actors. However, close up shots are also used to show the actors facial expressions. This helps to develop the storyline and makes the production feel more believable. This over the shot camera shot allows the conversation scenes to be a lot easier to follow. It also gives the audience the same perspective as each character. The editing within the film is very obvious. At one point, the screen slowly turns white and then re appears with the characters in a different location. I believe this is used to emphasise the ‘Heaven’ and ‘Fantasy’ themes which are shown throughout the short film.

5 Throughout the film, there is an office like tune (Non diegetic sound) that is constantly playing in the background. I believe this is to set the atmosphere of the film, but to also constantly remind the audience that the film is just a slight hit on religion and is only a fantasy. (this is shown through the very corny ‘Jingle’ which can be heard in the song) Ambient sound. Throughout the film, a small collection of ambient sounds can be heard. One of these is the ‘crunching’ of the toast. I believe that this is emphasised to suggest the main character’s confusion. (added with her facial expression) Footsteps are also over exaggerated to emphasise the movement of the characters between scenes and locations. Diegetic Sound Diegetic sound can be heard throughout the short film. Examples of this are office sounds, other people talking and phone calls. These are used to reinforce the film’s location and realism to the audience.

6  From looking at the short film called ‘Career suicide’ I believe that it has shown us what techniques we must use when filming our own film. For example, there are excellent examples of shot reverse shot editing and also over the shoulder shots when emphasising conversations between characters. There are also a few examples of establishing shots that help set locations which our group will definitely need to use in our production. Tracking shots are also used, our group was deciding on whether to use this type of shot in our production, however, after watching the effect that it has in this film, we will be using them.  ‘Career suicide’ also has good examples of Non diegetic and diegetic sounds that gave our group something else to think about when planning our film. (What sounds would be heard, and what sounds would we need to cut out of filming). The same happened when listening to the ambient sounds within the film (the footsteps and ‘crunching’ of food.) Our group has taken the idea of ambient sounds on board and has been thinking of ways that we can use them to reinforce our film’s genre; Psychological thriller. An example of this would be by creating a louder ‘Jingle’ effect when keys are on screen etc.  Even though that this short film isn’t within the same genre of our film, I believe that it is very beneficial to our group because it has excellent examples of Editing, Camera shots, camera angles and sound. Therefore, from this our group will be looking at ‘Career suicide’ to make sure we have remembered to include all of the basics within our own production to make sure we achieve the best grade possible.

7  Film Title: ‘Love Hurts’  Director company: Shariff Nasr  Film Length: 6 Minutes

8  This short film is a horror about a break up, or falling out between a young couple.  From the initial falling out, many suspicious and supernatural events occur, such as doors closing by themselves and blood coming out of a phone.  These events create tension and suspense which leads the horrific climax of a dead woman killing the main actress to make it look like a suicide.  The male character then rushes back to the toilets as if to apologise for the break up, only to find the dead body of his lover.  The care taker (who was seen at the start of the film) then re appears and a hellish glow appears in his eyes, hinting that he was part of the evil deed as well.



11  Within the film, there is a lot of non diagetic sound used to create suspense and tension within the horror genre. An example of this is the chilling music that is played while the main actress is investigating the toilet cubicles.  The slow Non-Diagetic music also creates a depressing atmosphere which meets the tragic themes within the film (The lovers having a fight, the death of the woman etc)  A Piano is also used throughout the film to create a slow daunting feeling for the audience.  Diagetic sound is used to emphasise the actions of the actors within the film. An example of this is the ‘slicing’ sound for when the main actress’s wrists and cut. This adds to the horror atmosphere and multiplies the horrific nature and violence. It also makes the film seem more realistic.  These sounds are also amplified to imply other meanings. For example, the woman’s footsteps are amplified to suggest her being the only character being in in the scene, therefore lulling the audience into a false sense of security. It could also portray her vulnerability. EXAMPLE: The diagetic sound of the woman hitting her head off the wall is amplified to make the action of the fall even more powerful and seem more fatal/painful to the audience. Therefore, the nature of the action amplifies the horror elements of the short film.

12  From looking at the short film ‘Love hurts’ we have discovered that to create suspense and tension within our horror film we need to use various camera shots, such as close ups to allow the audience to pick up a lot of detail about the characters, but to also slow the film down. However, we will also need to edit the film together by using various editing speeds to create different tempo’s for the film. For example, when there is more action, the film’s editing will be faster. Therefore, creating a sense of urgency and danger.  We will also use Diagetic sound to emphasise certain actions that the actors carry out. Such as the dropping of keys and the shutting of doors. These sounds will be used to make the film feel more realistic. These sounds will also be amplified to make them more effective when the audience hears them. Furthermore, if sound such as footsteps are amplified then other meanings could be implied, such as the feeling of the main actress being abandoned or her being vulnerable.  All of the above techniques will be used to reinforce our film’s genre; Psychological thriller/horror ( As mentioned earlier). They will also be used to lull the audience into a false sense of security, which will then be countered by amplified sounds and non diagetic sounds (Music) to create shocks and to emphasise fear.

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