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Rhythm and Meter.

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1 Rhythm and Meter

2 Rhythm The recurrence/repetition of stressed and unstressed sounds
Can be created through the repetition of words and phrases Typically created through accented or unaccented syllables

3 Vocabulary Syllable Stress/Accent A sound part of a word
Emphasizing with sound Page 982

4 Vocabulary Meter A rhythmic pattern of stresses/accents in a poem
Prosody All the metrical elements combined Scansion Measuring/marking the stresses/accents in a line or poem Verb is scan

5 Vocabulary Foot A metrical unit by which poetry is scanned/measured
Typically has 1 stressed/accented and 1 or 2 unstressed/unaccented A line is measured by how many feet it containes

6 Common Foot Patterns Foot Syllables Pattern Example Iamb (iambic) 2
Unstressed, stressed Away Trochee (trochaic) Stressed, unstressed Lovely Anapest (anapestic) 3 Unstressed, unstressed, stressed Understand Dactyl (dactylic) Stressed, unstressed, unstressed Desperate Spondee (spondaic) Stressed, stressed Dead set

7 Iambic Pentameter Exposure to many, mastery of this one!
A line of 5 feet of unstressed, stressed Blank verse: Unrhymed iambic pentameter Shakespeare!

8 Vocabulary Rising meter Move from unstressed to stressed Falling meter
Move from stressed to unstressed Masculine ending A line that ends with a stressed syllable Feminine ending A line that ends with an unstressed syllable

9 Vocabulary Caesura A pause within a line
Indicated by double line when scanning End-stopped line Pause at end of line Reflect normal speech patterns Typically marked with punctuation Enjambment Running from one line to another Also called run-on line

10 Practice On one of the 2 poems provided, label:
how many feet is in each line Which feet are rising meter and which are falling meter Which endings are masculine and which are feminine Which lines use enjambment

11 Tips for Scanning a Poem
Count the syllables in each line Based on the syllables, decipher foot pattern Stress all syllables that are one major word Look for two syllable words that have a root word; stress the root word Notice pattern Use pattern, dictionary, and pronunciation to figure out rest of accents

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