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Copyright 2002-2004 Beyond Web Conferencing: How To Create Value With Web Facilitation

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1 Copyright 2002-2004 Beyond Web Conferencing: How To Create Value With Web Facilitation

2 Copyright 2002-2004 Are You Making the Most of the Internet? Email, listservs, news groups Knowledge management systems to share documents Web conferencing to share audio, video and presentations Web facilitation tools

3 Copyright 2002-2004 Web Facilitation Tools Make Meetings Work Better Giving facilitators powerful tools to make meetings more productive, anywhere anytime Engaging more employees, suppliers and customers in building solutions Taking collaborative processes out beyond the bounds of the meeting room Overcoming barriers of time, distance and cost

4 Copyright 2002-2004 Successful Distributed Meetings Employ The Same Facilitated Process As On-site Meetings Meeting Substance People Tools & Technology Facilitated Meeting Process

5 Copyright 2002-2004 Web Facilitation Creates New Possibilities for… Data gathering and idea generation Needs assessment Group problem solving / decision making Study groups as part of distance learning Feedback and evaluations Employee and customer surveys

6 Copyright 2002-2004 Web Facilitation Tools Include… Brainstorming Categorization Voting and prioritization Analyzing voting results Action plans Chat rooms Paperless surveys Flexible tools to support a wide range of groups in both real and virtual meetings

7 Copyright 2002-2004 Web Facilitation Tools Examples 8.5

8 Copyright 2002-2004 Participant Main Screen  Easy to use agenda format  Custom Templates  Automatically adjusted as facilitator adds new topics

9 Copyright 2002-2004 Graphic Agenda Example  Each graphic agenda item links participant to a conference topic

10 Copyright 2002-2004 Brainstorming  Add ideas  View and build on ideas  Attach web links  Attach documents  Category headings

11 Copyright 2002-2004 Voting / Prioritization  Multiple voting methods  Immediate results, tabulated and graphed

12 Copyright 2002-2004 Online Survey Tools  Link from any web site  Customize survey format  Monitor results online  Summarize data by demographic categories

13 Copyright 2002-2004 Action Plans  Turn ideas into actions  Monitor team progress

14 Copyright 2002-2004 Instant Documentation  Print out meeting results  Save to file and distribute to participants  Import into final report

15 Copyright 2002-2004 How Web Facilitation Creates Value

16 Copyright 2002-2004 Opportunities in the Meeting Room and Beyond Same Time Different Place Different Time Different Place Same Time Same Place Different Time Same Place Time Place

17 Copyright 2002-2004 Web Facilitation Tools in the Meeting Room Fast paced idea generation and data capture with everyone speaking at once Shared electronic flip chart allows for interactive discussion Voting tools speed prioritization and decision making Instant documentation Same Time Same Place Increased productivity & participation

18 Copyright 2002-2004 Asynchronous Events “Suggestion boxes” where people can give their feedback anonymously over a period of time Meetings where sub-groups work on multiple issues at once Different Time Same Place New ways to collect ideas and feedback

19 Copyright 2002-2004 Synchronous Distributed Meetings More productive than conference calls, more interactive than web conferencing Interactive Flip Chart - everyone can “talk” at once Prioritization and voting for fast decision-making Instant graphics and documentation Same Time Different Place Real time interaction without the travel

20 Copyright 2002-2004 Asynchronous Distributed Meetings Ability to include a larger population of participants in a collaborative process Stakeholders Customers Suppliers Public Easy access via the Internet Different Time Different Place Supplementing face-to-face meetings

21 Copyright 2002-2004 Results of Collaborative Meetings & Surveys More informed decision making Faster decisions and problem solving Greater buy-in to solutions Employees Stakeholders Cost savings from travel and time spent in meetings

22 Copyright 2002-2004 Does Web Facilitation Makes Sense To You? Visit our web site at Contact at 800-423-8890

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