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Activities of the RA V WG-INFR Ms Agnes Lane Bureau of Meteorology.

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1 Activities of the RA V WG-INFR Ms Agnes Lane Bureau of Meteorology

2 RA V Map

3 WMO RA-V WORKING GROUP ON INFRASTRUCTURE The objective of the Working Group on Infrastructure (WG- INFR) is to contribute to the improvement of infrastructure (data and information services) for weather, climate and water in Region V through implementation of the WMO Integrated Global Observing System (WIGOS) and WMO Information System (WIS).

4 WG-INFR: Working Group on Infrastructure Lead: Mr. Karl MONNIK Australia Vice-Lead: Mr. Edward TRIHADI Indonesia Task Team on WIGOS (TT-WIGOS) TT Leader Mr. Karl MONNIK Australia Task Team on Satellite Utilization (TT-SU) TT Leader Ms. Agnes LANE Australia Task Team on Regional Implementation and Operation of WIS (TT- WIS) TT Leader Mr. Huat Aik CHOO Singapore

5 WG-INFR: Working Group on Infrastructure Task Team on Observations Quality Management (TT-OQM) TT Leader Mr. Ab Llah CHE COB Malaysia Task Team on Aircraft Based Observations (TT-ABO) TT Leader Mr. Syamsul HUDA Indonesia

6 RA V Strategic & Operating Planning Key Outcomes Key Performance Indicators RKO 4.1.1: WIGOS is implemented in RA-V  Traceability of observations  Availability of station metadata  Regional WIGOS Implementation Plan is Developed  Regional priorities for observing system development documented RKO 4.1.2: Observing networks are further improved in RA-V Level of implementation of RBSN and RBCN including GSN and GUAN Level of implementation of hydrological networks Level of implementation of marine observations Progress against GOOS, GTOS and GCOS Regional Action Plans RKO 4.2.1: WIS is implemented in RA-V Extent of participation in international exchange through the WIS / GTS Existence of, and progress against, a regional implementation strategy for WIS / DAR services Extent to which communication needs of members are met Level of use of NWP products accessed via WIS

7 REGIONAL WIGOS IMPLEMENTATION PLAN FOR RA V Key Implementation Activities have been identified as part of the R- WIP-RA-V 1. Management of WIGOS Implementation in Region V 1.2.1 Develop the Regional WIGOS Implementation Plan for Region V - Complete 1.2.2 Compile information for a “stock-take” of existing WMO observing systems in RA-V. 1.2.3 Assess the EGOS-IP to identify actions relevant to RA-V and Member countries; assign priorities to these actions. 1.2.4 Provide an effective RA-V focal point to liaise with CBS about the implementation of EGOS-IP in RA-V.

8 Additional activities identified 2. Collaboration with WMO and co-sponsored observing systems 3. Design, planning and optimized evolution of WIGOS component observing systems at regional, sub-regional and national levels 4. Integrated Observing System Operation and Maintenance 5. Integrated Quality Management 6. Standardization, System Interoperability and Data Compatibility 7. The WIGOS Operational Information Resource (WIR) 8. Data discovery, delivery and archival 9. Capacity development 10. Communication and outreach

9 RA-V Task Team on Satellite Utilisation Progress to date 2 workshops held during AOMSUC-4, Presentation at AOMSUC-5, Based on outcomes of AOMSUC-4, Melbourne VLab runs monthly Regional Focus Group meetings, −20-30 regular attendees from across RA-V −These meetings are open to people from other Regions The Task Team has compiled a (draft) set of prioritised requirements for satellite observations for RA-V, Invitations have been sent out to increase Regional representation on the Task Team

10 RA-V Task Team on Satellite Utilisation 2015 Workplan (1) Increase Regional representation on the Task Team, New members from Hawaii and New Zealand have been identified Others?? Revise the original (2012) Terms of Reference of the Task Team, Create a website for the RA-V TT-SU, Review and finalise the prioritised requirements for satellite observations (using the template recommended by ET- SUP)

11 RA-V Task Team on Satellite Utilisation 2015 Workplan (2) Continue efforts to connect satellite data users with satellite data providers, An RA-II/V workshop at AOMSUC-6?? Identify any barriers that impede the effective use of important data streams such as Himawari, eg. through workshops, surveys, Regional Focus Group meetings Develop a report with recommendations that address issues related to access and utilisation of satellite data in RA-V. Tangible outcomes!


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