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VIDEO CREATION How to by Ms. Wollenberg Digital Literacy Teacher.

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1 VIDEO CREATION How to by Ms. Wollenberg Digital Literacy Teacher

2 BEFORE CREATING YOUR VIDEO  You need to use google docs to collaborate with your teammate(s) to plan out how you will film your video, what device you will use, if you will use Animoto or movie maker (if you know how to do so), what information you need to be sure to include, etc.  One group member can begin a google doc and then share it with their partner(s).  Whoever creates the google doc will have it in their “my drive” and those added to the doc will find the doc in “shared with me,” but can easily move it to my drive.

3 TWO OPTIONS  Animoto (online with music in background)  Windows Live Movie Maker

4 SIGN UP FOR ANIMOTO AND APPLY FOR EDUCATION ACCOUNT  Go to  Sign up with your school e-mail account   Scroll to the bottom of the page a click on “education”  Click on “Learn More”  Click on “Apply Now”- You will get an e-mail inviting you (this allows you to make longer videos

5 CREATING YOUR VIDEO  You can add text pages, audio, video, pictures and pick themes  You can also edit you videos (clipping the beginning and end if needed)  We will be using your devices as well a iPods from the math department  Animoto How To Animoto How To

6 WINDOWS LIVE MOVIE MAKER  Go to  Programs  Windows Live  Windows Live Movie Maker  Supported File Types:  Windows movie maker support format:.asf,.avi,.wmv, MPEG1,.mpeg. So you need convert your 3gpp videos files to.wmv video file format. You can use freemake video converter to convert clips to.wmv  Click Here for Tutorial Click Here for Tutorial  To add powerpoint slides to your video, save the slide as a picture  Save as  Jpeg  Save this slide only  Drag file into Windows live movie maker  If you plan to use windows live, you will need to create a youtube account with your school e-mail (  You should upload the video as unlisted (only those with the link can view the video)

7 REMINDERS WHEN FILMING  Film in a quiet location  Do not have windows or other bright lights in the background  Use a loud, clear voice  Plan before you film (story board on google docs)  Make sure you save your clips in the correct format

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