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Technology the First 50 years of the USA

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1 Technology the First 50 years of the USA
The Industrial Revolution

2 Vocabulary Cotton Gin Robert Fulton John Deer Cyrus McCormick

3 What is the Industrial Revolution?
The time when machines were invented that did the work that humans normally did.

4 Beginnings of the Industrial Revolution
It started in England, in the textile (cloth) industry. Thread was always spun by hand on spinning wheels until 1764 Richard Arkwright Invented a thread spinning machine powered by running water. These textile machines were in mills next to rivers for their power source. SO, WHAT THE BIG DEAL? During this time England was Still in control of the colonies

5 How did this impact society?
Factory System: which brings workers and machines together in one place. People began to leave farms and move to where the factories were, creating towns. Workers went to work at a place that wasn’t their home, and had to work certain hours. Time becomes important!!!!!!! Workers had to keep pace with machines, not their own pace. As this developed in England, America fought and establish its Independence from England

6 Two major results from the new Industries
A Revolution in Transportation A Hugh growth in new Inventions that created new industries These industries impacted how America developed

How an idea leads to creating a invention that changes Society! INVENTIONS THAT MADE A DIFFERENCE

8 Eli Whitney’s Cotton Gin, 1791 Actually invented by a slave!
Machine cleans out cotton seeds from picked cotton faster and more effective

Having slaves to pick the cotton became even more profitable. More slaves more cotton picked, sold, and more $$$. Slave owners valued having slaves more. In the southern agricultural states slavery became much more important to the economy. Cotton grown on plantations was in demand by the textile factories in England and New England This influenced how important Slavery became to the Southern states economies.

10 Steam powered engine Invented By Robert Fulton
1790 First steam-powered plant. Factories didn’t have to be by streams, that could run dry. Factories in cities where there was plenty of labor and resources. People began to move to the cities to work in the factories. This especially impacted the New England states as they had poor farmland but great streams and rivers Factories and industries developed in New England. Steam boats created faster and reliable transportation of people and goods.

11 John Deere & the Steel Plow (1837)
John Deere invented the steel plow in 1837 when the Middle-West was being settled. The soil was different than that of the East it was a richer soil great for farming though wood plows kept breaking. People moved west during the to claim their own farms. The steel plow encouraged Settlement, and great production.

12 Cyrus McCormick & the Mechanical Reaper: 1831
At that time, grain was harvested by a manual process : the reapers mowed down the standing grain with a hand-swung scythe. Binders (workers) followed behind, tying the crop into bales, which were carted away, for storage in barns. Reaping was a painstaking process, even farmers with land and seed to spare were forced to limit their crop to what they could reap in a given season. Impacted the movement out west to the Great Plains. Farmers could now reap more to sell and make greater profits.

13 Review of the effects of these Inventions
Cotton Gin – slavery more profitable….southern culture believes slavery needed for economic success. Steam engine—easier and faster transportation of goods and people. Robert Fulton steam boat. Not dependent on currents or wind. More efficient factories. Steel plow—better plowing, needed for the land in mid-west and the great plains. Mechanical Reaper—grow and harvest more crops. Bigger profit.

14 Transportation Revolution

15 Cumberland (National Road), 1811
First National Road was built in the northern states. Allowed greater movement of people and goods out west. A year before the War of 1812

16 Erie Canal 1820s Allowed greater amount of goods, people and ideas to travel faster and easier. Better for business. During this period Missouri Compromise

17 Erie Canal System Connected factories in the east to the settlers moving west. Enabling them to better supply the settlers with items that they need.

18 1830 13 miles of track built by the Baltimore and Ohio RR
The Iron Horse 1830 miles of track built by the Baltimore and Ohio RR miles of track built miles of track built

19 The Railroad Revolution,1850s
Immigrant labor built the Northern. RRs. Most track was laid in the North. Gave the North a great advantage in the movement of goods and people. Slave labor built the Southern . RRs. The Railroads determined much of the development in the areas where there was a lot of tracks

20 Country Expands so too does Transportation
Facilitates the movement of: Goods People Ideas Information Especially as people moved out west!!!!!

21 Transportation: Establishes and the Development of the Northern States and Southern States
The North had better transportation and most of the industry in the country. The South was mainly agricultural. Slavery was a major factor in being agriculturally successful. Slavery was seen by the South as essential to a good economy.

22 Transportation and Invention Revolutions impact on the UNITED STATES
NORTHEAST  Industrial, more Railroads SOUTH  Cotton & Slavery becomes vital WEST  The Nation’s “Breadbasket


24 Andrew Jackson president, Indian Removal Act. 1830
As better transportation moved settlers west, they encroached more and more on the Native American population. As the average mans president Jackson sided with the settlers to take over the Native American lands. He passed the Indian Removal Act. After lawsuits and a supreme court decision, US army forcibly removed Native Americans from their homeland and forced them to march in which many perished to a new homeland in Oklahoma. This is known as the Trail of Tears.

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