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GV-Control Center Overview

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1 GV-Control Center Overview
1 GeoVision Solutions GV-Control Center Overview

2 Overview 2 GV-Control Center is a powerful central monitoring software that allows the security administrator to centrally monitor, configure, playback and save video files for up to 1,000 GeoVision DVRs and 500 IP camera hosts.

3 Main Features Remote DVR Remote Desktop Matrix View Remote ViewLog
3 Remote DVR Remote Desktop Matrix View Remote ViewLog I/O Central Panel IP Matrix Video Wall

4 Remote DVR highlight Application Benefit
4 4 Application The Remote DVR facilitates the administrator to remotely configure GV-system’s specific settings from one single work station. Benefit This feature reduces the trips to each client DVR individually.

5 Remote Desktop highlight
5 5 Application When the Remote Desktop is on the run, the Control Center will receive the same desktop view of local DVR. The administrator can therefore remotely control the GV-system’s full operation and even its Windows operation system at low bandwidth. Benefit The client operator of GV-system will be able to see each step the center administrator does to the system. This makes staff training much easier.

6 Matrix View highlight Application Benefit
6 6 Application The Matrix View allows 96 camera views from different client DVRs to be displayed on one single monitor. The operator can display up to 8 Matrix windows at a time. Benefit With the ability to group cameras installed in similar area (e.g. exits, elevators, offices), the operator will be able to monitor these cameras much more efficiently.

7 Remote ViewLog highlight
7 7 Application The Remote Viewlog allows the administrator remotely playback or save video clips for different client GV-systems. Benefit With the ability to remotely retrieve the video files of client DVRs, the administrator can centrally manage all events instantly and take proper action immediately.

8 I/O Central Panel highlight
8 8 Application The I/O Central Panel gives the administrator full access to group, manage and remotely configure all I/O devices connected to each client GV-system. Benefit Administrators can group function-related I/O devices for ease of control. In case of building fire, the Control Center can trigger all alarms of networked GV-systems and force open all the fire exits and water spray systems at the same time.

9 IP Matrix highlight Application Benefit
9 9 Application The IP Matrix allows the administrator to set up additional 36 virtual matrixes. With each IP matrix you are able to monitor 96 channels. Benefit This is a great tool for TV wall setup. You’ll be able to have additional 36 Matrixes and monitor additional 3456 cameras.

10 Video Wall Application Benefit
10 10 Application The Video Wall allows the administrator to set up to 16 monitors tile together contiguously in order to form one large screen. With up to 144 channels of live viewing in total. Benefit Live video from 5 MP camera can be fully displayed in 4 separate screens as one single image. It also save s cost of purchasing one single large resolution monitor.

11 Specifications 11

12 Minimum System Requirements

13 13 GeoVision Solutions GV-CenterV2 Overview

14 Overview 14 GV-CenterV2 brings multiple GeoVision GV-Systems together into an integrated interface, allowing the operator to manage several systems from one point of control. The GV-Center V2 Pro can manage 500 GV-Systems and receive video images from maximal 800 channels to its monitoring screen. On an alert condition, the GV-Center V2 Pro receives live images or event messages with attached video clips to correlate evidence of activity and instantly brings s operator's attention.

15 Main Features Live Video and Events Live and Attachments recording
15 Live Video and Events Live and Attachments recording and SMS alerts Remote Playback Automatic Failover Support E-map Alarm Report

16 Live Video and Events Application Benefit
16 16 Application Motion, I/O and important events will be alerted to the CenterV2 from multiple DVRs/NVRs so the operator can investigate it. Benefit This allows a central operator monitoring remotely multiple DVRs/NVRs from different locations in case of important events or alerts.

17 Live and Attachments Recording
17 17 Application Ability to record in the CenterV2 with the following mode Live, Attachment or both. Benefit Depending on different needs, Live mode streams live video to CenterV2 and record it immediately. While Attachment will be recorded on local PC before sending to CenterV2 when it is connected.

18 E-Mail and SMS Alerts Application Benefit
18 18 Application If an important event occurs, it will be able to alert operators with or SMS. Benefit Operator or clients can be anywhere and still be able to receive alerts of important events.

19 Alarm Report Application Benefit
19 19 Application A particular important event can be mark for report, allowing for operator to save the actions taken to resolve this alert. Benefit The alarm reporting can be customized depending on the client’s needs and then save for future reviewing of actions taken.

20 Remote Playback Application Benefit
20 20 Application It allows the operator to remote playback video events from the DVRs/NVRs. Benefit This features gives the ability to remote playback events if the operator chose not to record video events in CenterV2.

21 Automatic Failover Support
21 21 Application If one of the CenterV2 is down, or in maintenance then it will automatically send the data from the DVR/NVR to the other CenterV2. Benefit This feature can insure that the events are not lost or not notified when one CenterV2 is down due to network issues or others.

22 E-Map Application Benefit
22 22 Application E-Map allows the operator to monitor the whole systems on an electronic map. Benefit This feature provides an easier and friendlier overview of the security area and offers more interactivities.

23 Specifications 23 23

24 VSM 24 24

25 25 GeoVision Solutions GV-Backup Center

26 Overview 26 The GV-Backup Center program provides you with a secure and affordable remote backup solution for the GV-Video Server and GV-Compact DVR. The GV-Backup Center can automatically store a copy of recordings and logs to the offsite location. If a disaster strikes where the GV-Video Server or GV-Compact DVR is located, the recording data remain safe in a different location.

27 Main Features Remote Backup Up to 200 units of GV-VS and GV-CDVR
27 Remote Backup Up to 200 units of GV-VS and GV-CDVR alerts Online data analysis Remote Playback Automatic Failover Support

28 Remote Backup Application Benefit
28 28 Application It allows backing up video logs from GV Video server and Compact DVR remotely to a storage. Benefit This feature provides more storage space for the mobile devices as its local storage is limited.

29 Online Data Analysis Application Benefit
29 29 Application It allows analysis of the information and data for the usage of the storage and connection status. Benefit This feature provides an in depth information for generating required information.

30 Remote Playback Application Benefit
30 30 Application It allows playing back the backup video log through Internet Explorer with Single player and Remote Viewlog. Benefit This feature provides playback of the backup data remotely from a single location of all your devices.

31 GIS 31 31

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