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Creating ePub Books for Customized Learning Keith D. Schroeder.

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1 Creating ePub Books for Customized Learning Keith D. Schroeder

2 Why ePub?

3 Most Universal Format Industry standard Allows eBooks to be read on a wide variety of eReaders Dedicated hardware Desktop software Online based ePub – Industry Standard Most Universal

4 Why would anyone waste time reading this garbage? I can’t understand this assignment! I can read it but I don’t know what it says!

5 Allows Districts to Control Curriculum Total Control Don’t accept next best Rigor and Relevance Teacher Buy-in Ownership Manipulate Curriculum Cost Saving Differentiation

6 Be sure all system updates have been installed The “iWork Update 5” is needed to update Pages to at leaast version 4.0.5 (Apple menu > Software Update). Newest version of PowerPoint 2010 works if iWork isn’t available Create a folder to gather together your resources in one spot Before you begin

7 Keep all files in the same folder Download pictures and movies for your ePub file to that same folder Your desktop, iPhoto, iTunes libraries or dropbox Be sure to convert your digital files to smaller versions (m4v) Quicktime movies sized to 320 x 240, and under 15 MB are ideal For best results, keep the movie segments short Gather resources for creating your ePub

8 Move to the cloud Available at home or school Works across platforms (apps) Can share folders and files easily Free file storage Limited to 2 gigs More for small fee No limits as to file types Dropbox Great tool for collaborating!

9 ePub Best Practices File Save the “ePub Best Practices” template as the name of your project in your project folder The title page is used as your book cover in iBooks You may edit all of the pages EXCEPT the table of contents page The TOC generates automatically Getting Started

10 Click on the title page to “activate” it Edit the text Drag and drop an image Do not delete the image Be very careful with the formatting as this determines how it will format when exporting as an ePub The photo will become the book cover in iBooks Title Page

11 Remember NOT to change anything on the table of contents page. Click page 3 and begin to add content If you paste information, be sure to use the edit menu Paste and match style Use page 4 as your style formatting guide (I print it out) Paragraph style formatting is vital! Always use Insert, Page Break to add new chapters “Chapter Name” insures text will appear in the TOC Adding content

12 Images and movies work great in iBooks Many other ereader devices aren’t multi-media friendly Only iBooks will play ePub videos at this time Images and videos must be set to “inline” You can drag and drop or Insert,choose them Use the inspector to be sure they are inline Adding multi-media content

13 Pages and ePub format support Hyperlinks Copy the URL from the address bar of the website Type the words that describe the link Highlight the words Click the link tool in the inspector Click the checkmark to “enable as a hyperlink” Under “link to webpage” paste the URL Press the return key – and you’re all set Hyperlinked content

14 Table of contents will generate automatically Creates hyperlinks within the ePub Advantage of ePub is being able to resize them All of these items allow resizing of text Works with programs that “read” the text Must be like this to export successfully Why so specific

15 Save your pages file Click on the TOC page Click once into the Table of Contents text This causes the TOC to update The TOC should now match the information in your pages document Save the file Getting ready to export to ePub format

16 1. Go to file, export 2. Click the “ePub” icon 3. Enter your title, author, select genre 4. Place a check mark next to “use first page as book cover image” 5. Click next 6. Save it into the same folder 7. If you get a “floating objects” message go back to the inspector and make sure media is “in line” Export steps

17 Open iTunes Go to file, add to library Select the ePub file Connect the ipad to the computer Select the iPad Select the “Books” tab and “Sync Books” Select the ePub and click on apply, sync Transfer ePub to iPad

18 Save file to Dropbox Upload file to common drive Upload to teacher website Upload to wiki Transfer ePub to iPad

19 Transfer ePub to other format

20 Use PowerPoint Use a specialize program for ePubs Use Adobe PDF Use some web based converters Use Adobe InDesign Create it on the iPad Other suggestions? Other options to create

21 Gale Virtual Reference Library Overdrive Follett eShelf eBook bookmarks Opensource textbooks eBooks in schools

22 Watch learning take off!

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