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1 Travelling

2 My favourite means of transport
My favourite means of transport is a car. I like it because it´s very practical and comfortable. I don´t have to know the time when it arrives at our stop like a bus. I can just get on and set off. There aren´t a lot of other people and I know that I will be always sitting there. I hope that once I will have my own car and I will be a good driver.

3 Means of transport I´d like to try
I would like to try travelling by a plane, a helicopter, a submarine, a balloon, a camel and the other. But the most I would like to try travelling by a cruise ship. I always have dreamed about it. About a big ship with everything I want and think about. There would be a lot of people to know. A voyage in the Caribbean sea for a long time sounds fantastic.

4 Countries I´ve visited so far
I have visited only border countries of Slovakia. When I was small girl I travelled to Czech Republic by a car. I went to Poland by the car too. Last summer I travelled to Hungary by a coach. And three years ago I travelled to Croatia by the coach too. I haven´t visited many countries but I hope I will travelled around the world in the future. I want to visit every place in the world.

5 The country I´d like to visit
The country I would like to visit is AUSTRALIA. It´s been my dreamed country for years. When I was younger I wanted to go there because I knew that Australian people are our „protinožci“. I was interested in it. Now I really want to see a kangaroo and a koala in the nature. The Great Barrier Reef and the other great places in this great country. If it was so simple I would go and stay there forever.

6 The places I´d like to visit there
I want to visit every place in Australia. Certainly if I go there I will visit beautiful beaches on the Gold Coast, where I´ll be able to surfing. I want to visit the Great Barrier Reef and try to dive there. Then I´d like to walk on the Sydney Harbour Bridge and climb on it, it´s possible. I also want to go to the Sydney Opera House, it has become a symbol of Australia. I hope that once I´ll visit this amazing country.


8 Thank you for attention
Klaudia Kozmová 2.A

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