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Respiration and Fermentation

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1 Respiration and Fermentation
More cellular processes!!!

2 How do we get energy? When you eat food from plants, such as potatoes, you are eating the plant’s stored energy Before food can provide your body with energy, it must pass through your digestive system

3 Food gets broken down into small molecules and pass into your bloodstream
Then, the molecules move into your cells where energy can be released through the process of Cellular Respiration

4 What is respiration? The process by which cells obtain energy from glucose Cells of ALL living things, even plants, carry out respiration by breaking down carbohydrates (energy stored in plants)

5 The Two Stages of Respiration
Stage One: Takes place in the cytoplasm Molecules of glucose are broken down No oxygen is used A small amount of energy is released

6 Stage Two: Takes place in the mitochondria
Small molecules are broken down into smaller molecules and release great amounts of energy Oxygen is required in this step This is why mitochondria are called the “powerhouses” of the cell

7 Respiration Equation C6H12O6 + 6O2  6CO2 + 6H20 + Energy
The products, Carbon Dioxide and Water diffuse out of the cell In most animals, Carbon Dioxide and water leave through exhalation when you breathe out

8 How are Photosynthesis and Respiration related?
They are EXACT opposites of each other!!! The waste products of Photosynthesis are needed for Respiration and the waste products of Respiration are needed for Photosynthesis Glucose

9 Earth’s Balance Together, these two processes form a cycle that keeps the levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide in balance so that all organisms can survive!

10 Fermentation The process by which organisms get energy from food without using oxygen but the amount of energy released is much lower Some single-celled organisms need to use fermentation because they live in places without oxygen

11 Alcoholic Fermentation
Happens when organisms Such as yeast break down Sugars. Carbon Dioxide, a small amount of energy, and alcohol are the products Check for understanding: Yeast is used when baking bread. What do you think causes bread to rise when yeast undergoes fermentation?

12 Lactic Acid Fermentation
Have you ever gotten sore muscles? Then you’ve experienced the effects of Lactic Acid! When your muscles use up oxygen faster than it can be replaced, fermentation happens and a product is lactic acid, which causes pain in your muscles.

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