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Personnel Accountability Purpose: Identify a system of firefighter accountability on site of an incident and account for all firefighters, at any given.

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1 Personnel Accountability Purpose: Identify a system of firefighter accountability on site of an incident and account for all firefighters, at any given time, within the “hazard zone” of an incident. The hazard zone will be defined as any area that requires an SCBA, or an environment in which a firefighter is at risk of becoming lost, trapped, or injured. Structure fire – interior/exterior operations Confined space or trench rescue Hazmat incident (Hot, Warm, Cold zones) Use of the system will provide: Enhanced personal safety for the firefighters Effective means to track and account for all personnel

2 System Components Passport The “passport” unit is approximately 2” x 3” and engraved with the type of apparatus and unit number (Engine 71, Rescue 23, Quint 33). The “passport” will be attached to a velcro area located in a conspicuous location in the cab of the vehicle. Each emergency vehicle will be assigned a “passport”. ENGINE 71

3 System Components PAR Tags The PAR Tag is approximately ½” x 2” tag with the Firefighter last name & first initial engraved (J. SMITH) & color coded by rank (job title) COLORS: White : Chief Officers Red : Company Officers Yellow: Firefighters / Paramedics / Drivers / Others J. SMITH Passport & PAR Tags are utilized together to make up the “PASSPORT SYSTEM”

4 Passport System Utilized to assist IC with tracking and accountability of units & crews while on scene of an incident. Upon arrival on scene the “PASSPORT” is given to IC or an Accountability Officer or designee. The Accountability Officer may be a driver, a division / group officer, or a designated accountability officer, depending on the nature, type, and complexity of the incident.

5 Passport Implementation Implementation of the accountability procedure will occur at all incidents, including training evolutions. The objective is to have the “PASSPORT” at the command post accurately reflect only those members in the hazard zone. For single company incidents, the “PASSPORT” will remain in a conspicuous location on the units. The driver operator will assume accountability responsibilities.

6 Passport Implementation Multi-company operations where SCBA’s are used, “PASSPORT” will be delivered to the command post OR given to accountability officer if practical OR left in a conspicuous location in the front of the cab. 2 nd Alarm or Greater Responses Unless assigned by the IC, companies shall report to the Staging Officer who shall ensure that the “PASSPORT” reflects the crews assignment. Once assigned by the IC, the Company Officer shall give the “PASSPORT” to the accountability officer or their designee.

7 Status Boards Carried by the Battalion Chief, the Duty Officer, or other designated supervisors. Blue Boards Capable of tracking single alarm assignments. Equipped with velcro in order to attach Passports. Magnetic Boards 2 nd alarm assignments or higher for tracking units, Incident Commander preference. Passports shall still be maintained in order to account for crew members assigned to units.

8 Magnetic Unit Tags Unit Identification magnets tags are to be pre-made 1” x 2” with each City/Battalion’s units including surrounding mutual aid units that would likely respond. Each magnetic board shall have a supply of blank unit tags to accommodate any units not already pre-made. Magnetic Unit Tag colors are as follows: Rescue - BLUE Engine - Lt. GREY Aerial - RED Chief - WHITE Special Units - GREEN R-31Q-80E-41 BT-98S-80

9 Magnetic Accountability Board This is a magnetic, dry erase board for incidents of second alarm or greater. A drawing of the incident can be made and the unit designator tags will be placed in the geographic area they are working. On the left side of the board are the Officers or units responsible for those roles. (Safety, Medical, RIT, Staging). Units that are in rehab are shown on the bottom left. Units that are available for assignment are at the bottom right as “On Deck”

10 Magnetic Accountability Board For further detail of the magnetic board, the assigned tasks can be written next to the unit designator (Attack, Search or Vent Group etc..) Additional tags can be made to indicate these tasks assignments.

11 PERSONAL ACCOUNTIBILITY REPORT (PAR) For the Company Officer, PAR ensures that all members assigned to him/her are accounted for. For the Division Officer, it is an accounting of everyone assigned to his/her division. PAR should be conducted face to face within the Company or with the Division Officer whenever possible.

12 PAR Check PAR checks shall be conducted by the IC or accountability officer when possible IC shall request dispatch to set a tone and have all units stand-by for PAR check. PAR check shall begin with those within the hazard zone. Answering a PAR request: Advise the number of members assigned to crew and location. “Engine 58 has a PAR of 3 ventilating Division C, Charlie” At the discretion of the IC, crew members may also respond with the names of crew members

13 Unit Reporting PAR All units reporting PAR shall advise if an assigned member is not physically present with that crew. “Engine 43 has PAR of 2, Driver is at the pump panel of Engine 43.” In such case, the IC shall check with the Driver directly. “Engine 43 Alpha, do you have PAR?” Note: Broward County recognizes the “A” or Alpha position as the Driver Engineer and not the officer.

14 Activation of PAR PAR checks may only be interrupted by emergency traffic! A PAR shall be required for the following: A report of a missing or trapped FF. Any change for offensive to defensive operation. A sudden hazardous event at the incident.(Flashover/collapse) Every 30 minute interval incident elapse time or at IC discretion.

15 Accountability Rules These rules should be followed for the accountability system to operate correctly. “PASSPORTS” never enter the hot zone. “PASSPORTS” must be maintained at the command vehicle during large or complex incidents. “PASSPORTS” must reflect only personal that are assigned to the incident. Units assigned must stay intact whenever possible to maintain accountability.

16 Lost or Missing Firefighters An absent member of a crew will assumed to be lost or trapped in the hazard zone until otherwise determined to be safe. Company Officers must immediately report any absent member to the IC. For any report of a missing firefighter, command should consider calling for the next greater alarm assignment. Searches for missing firefighter’s should begin in the area of the last reported location.

17 Command Responsibilities Include PAR as a major element of strategy and tactics. React to all barriers that influence accountability. Ensure that all members entering the hazard zone have radios and are supervised. Make every effort to keep crews intact. Update accountability board for crews that are split. For 2 nd alarm assignments or higher, command shall assign at least 1 accountability officer.

18 Division/Group Responsibilities Officer Responsibilities Maintain accurate tracking of assigned companies. Division/Group Officers should be in the assigned location to monitor the assigned companies. Division- assignment based on geographic location at an incident. Division 2, Charlie side Group- assignment based on task on an incident Attack, Search, Vent

19 Company Officer Responsibilities Ensure the “PASSPORT” units reflects the names of the personnel currently assigned company. Will keep all members assigned to the hazard zone intact at all times. If crew member is not assigned in the hazard zone, leave or is reassigned outside the hazard zone, the name will be turned upside down on the “PASSPORT”. The Driver/Operator should have their name turned upside down on the “PASSPORT” if they are at the apparatus pumping and not in the hazard zone.

20 Termination of Accountability The “PASSPORT” Accountability system shall be maintained until command is terminated. Upon completion of their assignment and release from the incident, Company Officers will pick up the “PASSPORT” at the Command Post and return it to the apparatus.

21 The End

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