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University of Houston-Clear Lake Writing Center Established in 1993.

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2 University of Houston-Clear Lake Writing Center Established in 1993

3 Welcome to the University Writing Center! We are located in the Student Services Building, Room 2105.

4 With six tables and six double-wide computer carrels, we have space for 12 concurrent tutoring sessions.

5 We have semi-private tutoring areas... and comfortable seating for work with Center resources.

6 Services

7 Writing Center Conferences Appointments: Can be made in person, over the phone, or on-line: Off-campus locations: We offer face-to-face services in Pearland Sessions: Can be conducted face-to-face, on- screen in the Center, or on-line via chat Tutors and writers: Typically work together in 45-minute sessions Read Aheads: Send longer papers in advance and we will read them before the appointment

8 Visit our website to see the list of current workshops. Workshops – Small Group Workshops – Workshops are available on a variety of topics: Grammar Refreshers Writing a Literature Review Avoiding Writer’s Block Getting Started on Your Thesis Writing for an American Audience Punctuation Problems APA-Style Documentation MLA-Style Documentation

9 Programs

10 We offer on-line tutoring through the Center for On-Line Tutoring (COLT) Tutoring is conducted using our scheduling service via chat and whiteboard. Visit the online section of our website for more specifics.

11 Our Services for Non-Native (NNS) and Bilingual Speakers include:  An in-house NNS/Bilingual Specialist  Special workshops designed for international students  One-on-One Sessions  A special section for NNS and Bilingual speakers in our newsletter  Print and On-Line Resources

12 Writing Advisors Program Writing Advisors are trained tutors who work closely with faculty teaching writing-intensive courses. Advisors can come to classroom meetings to assist your students with understanding and writing assignments. They can hold group sessions on specific topics in the Center, and work individually with students on writing assignments. Advisors can also be assigned to on- line classes to provide resources and work with students in the Blackboard environment.

13 Chat with Susie Queue! Chat with our virtual tutor, Susie Queue, via our chat service! Susie is great at taking quick questions and brainstorming. You can find Susie on our website.

14 Activities

15 Classroom Presentations RhetFest celebrating the National Day of Writing (October 20) IWCA Week Chocolate in the Center Valentine’s day Cards CenterLine Newsletter

16 Resources

17 Model Essays available for students A library of texts on writing Assistance with research using the internet and the library databases A collection of tip sheets on the writing process, writing strategies, documentation, and plagiarism. In the Writing Center…

18 Our web site provides information on our face-to-face services, our on-line services, and links to our appointment calendar, tip sheets, newsletter and other helpful sites. We offer a PowerPoint presentation introducing the Writing Center for use in classroom presentations or individual viewing. (Hey-you’re looking at it!) Our faculty section offers tips for using writing in the classroom, working with Non-Native Speakers, syllabus language advertising the Writing Center, and PowerPoint resources on designing assignments, responding to assignments, and writing literature reviews. On the web…

19 Tutor Training

20 The Tutor-Training Practicum is offered each fall and spring semester for both undergraduate and graduate students. The three-unit course prepares tutors to work one-on-one with writers to improve their writing strategies. At the graduate-level, the course is accepted for credit towards a certificate in Composition Pedagogy in the Literature M.A. Tutoring in the Writing Center provides excellent training opportunities for students who are interested in teaching careers. LITR 5739/WRIT 3231 Tutor-Training Practicum

21 Writing Center Staff Director -Dr. Chloé Diepenbrock Associate Professor of Writing Ph.D. in Rhetoric, Linguistics, and Literature University of Southern California Program Coordinator --Ms. Katie Hart, Non-Native and Bilingual Speakers B.A. Applied Design and Visual Arts, UHCL M.A. Digital Media Studies, UHCL And... The Tutors and Receptionists Adria, Ann, Diana, Ivy, Jeff, Jerry, Lori, Mary, Matt, Susan, Michelle, Jillian, Blayr, Madeline, Joshua, Taylor, Susie Queue, Ashley, and Shanquencia

22 Thanks for watching and come by to see us soon! Spring 2014 Open Monday, January 13 Close Friday, May 2 Hours Sunday12-5 Monday9-9 Tuesday9-9 Wednesday9-9 Thursday9-9 Friday10-3

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