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From Jackson & Van Buren to Tippecanoe & Tyler too!

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1 From Jackson & Van Buren to Tippecanoe & Tyler too!

2 To review and conclude the Presidency of Jackson Watch the video (less than 10mins.) Pay attention to Jackson’s goals and to the “Bank War”

3 Pearson Education, Inc., publishing as Longman © 2008 THE JACKSONIANS Jacksonians of the Democratic Party believed in certain underlying principles: – Suspicion of special privilege and large business corporations – Freedom of economic opportunity, unfettered by private or governmental restrictions – Absolute political freedom, at least for white males – Conviction that any ordinary man is capable of performing the duties of most public offices – Supported public education

4 RISE OF… RISE OF… THE WHIGS Opposition to Jackson less cohesive though clearly anti-Jackson Whigs: – Bankers – Those who found “pushiness and coarseness” of Jacksonians offensive – Lawyers, ministers, doctors and other well educated people joined due to anti-intellectual and anti-scientific bias of administration Problems – Too many generals, not enough troops – Could agree on little besides dislike of Jackson

5 MARTIN VAN BURENMARTIN VAN BUREN (8mins.) Jacksonianism w/o Jackson Took office as Panic of 1837 hit By 1838: banks resumed specie payment 1839: bumper crop caused a sharp decline in price of cotton States that had overextended themselves in internal improvements were forced to default on debts Discouraged foreign investments Result was economic depression that lasted until 1843 Van Buren ignored economy Did pass Independent Treasury Act 1840 – Called for the construction of government owned vaults where federal revenues could be stored until needed – All payments to the government were to be made in hard cash Despite criticism system actually worked for a number of years “Martin van Ruin”

6 THE LOG CABIN CAMPAIGN (1840) In 1840 Whigs decided to follow Jacksonian strategy and nominated General William Henry Harrison, “Hero of Tippecanoe,” as their candidate for president – Chose John Tyler of Virginia as vice president Ignoring the realities of Harrison’s financial situation and upbringing, Whigs used log cabin and cider barrel as their symbols Democrats were as organized as the Whigs but did not have much heart for the fight

7 William H. Harrison becomes President (but not for long…) Four-fifths of the eligible voters turned out and gave the election to Harrison with 234 electoral votes to 60 Less than a month after his inauguration, Harrison fell ill and died on April 4 - John Tyler became president

8 So… what is a Jacksonian Democrat?

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