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Genetically Modified Foods By: Myriam Bekkoucha 7BB By: Myriam Bekkoucha 7BB.

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2 Genetically Modified Foods By: Myriam Bekkoucha 7BB By: Myriam Bekkoucha 7BB

3 Introduction When an organism is genetically modified it means that that organism’s genes has been changed and mixed with another organism’s DNA to create a new gene using biotechnology. This technique has been used to make healthier foods as well as to make the foods grow faster, bigger, or more delicious. By: Myriam Bekkoucha 7BB

4 Advantages Crops will be more resistant to insects. Diseases developed by plants (E. coli) will be stopped by genetically engineering bacteria or virus resistance. It will help with our nutrition and health We will have more food to feed the third world countries and easier to grow. Food can be able to grow in many extreme conditions, like in snow in the winter or scorching heat in the summer Helps the food grow faster, so the farmer will get more money and there will be more employment. By: Myriam Bekkoucha 7BB

5 Disadvantages By: Myriam Bekkoucha 7BB If we eat these GM crops, we could have serious health problems ( we could accidently eat the anti growth cell and cause a big problem). It could destroy the cycle of the food chain(the insects that eat these crops will have nothing to eat, so they will die and the predators will look for other animals to eat.) Humans may develop allergies to the gene and have negative side effects. Due to there being animal cells in plants, it may be difficult to keep religious or diet commitments.

6 Public opinions To find out the public opinions of GM is difficult, but in 1987 a survey that was conducted showed that 92% of Americans did not want to use this technology to change natural aspects of people, plants or animals. The amount of genetically modified foods eaten has increased, due to the reason that we don’t know which foods are organic or not. By: Myriam Bekkoucha 7BB

7 My opinion Therefore, I think that Genetically Modified foods Are bad for us, because it has a huge threat to our health and environment. By: Myriam Bekkoucha 7BB

8 References modified-food/ od%20Safety/Genetically.aspx x foods By: Myriam Bekkoucha 7BB


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