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1 Communication

2 Aims and Objectives of Today’s Lesson

3 Communication Styles Examples: Assertive Aggressive Passive Empathetic

4 Non-verbal Communcation
Body language (open and closed) Gestures Expressions Listening skills Eye contact

5 Body language - People use body language without thinking (unconsciously). We are constantly dropping clues about what is going on in our head, sometimes without even knowing! Tone of voice - Emotions are often given away not so much by what people are saying but how they say it. Speaking loudly in short sentences can show aggression, speaking gently and giving smiles and encouragement can show caring.

6 Body Language Activity
Individually stand up in front of the group and display an emotion. Rest of group must guess which emotion you are displaying!

7 Activity In pairs write down three occasions when using open body language would be particularly important for a team leader in the aviation industry.

8 Distance Stand too close and you'll be marked as “pushy" or “in your face". Stand or sit too far away and you'll be “keeping your distance" or “stand offish".

9 Posture Get your posture right and you'll automatically start feeling better. Slouching inhibits breathing & can lead to you being nervous and uncomfortable.

10 Verbal Communication Voice (tone, pitch, pace) Clarity
Appropriate to task Listening skills

11 Verbal Communication Face-to-face Presentations
Using figures, eg in sales presentations

12 Verbal Communication Activity
Individually write a short script: You are a cabin crew team leader It is the morning brief and you are discussing some of the key objectives for today's flight. The flight is a busy flight with stag do’s etc. Give your speech to a partner Assess: tone, pitch and pace

13 Listening skills

14 You've got two ears and only one mouth, so try to use them in that order!
Listening twice as long as you talk makes you a good communicator.

15 P4 Explain how the use of different communication styles leads to effective team leadership

16 Barriers to Effective Team Leadership
Lack of commitment eg – leader or team member Poor communication Lack of appropriate skills Resource issues (financial, physical, staff) Personal factors eg – challenges to authority, conflict between team members, inconsistency, self-interest, favouritism, fatigue

17 Lack of commitment Can you think of an aviation example?
How could this barrier be removed or managed?

18 Poor Communication Can you think of an aviation related example
How could the barriers be removed?

19 Lack of Appropriate Skills
How could this be a barrier to effective team leadership in the aviation industry? Can you think of any examples?

20 Resource Issues Financial Physical Staff
How can resource issues create a barrier to effective team leadership in the aviation industry?

21 Personal Factors Challenges to authority Conflict between team members
Inconsistency Self-interest Favouritism

22 P5 and P6 Identify barriers to effective team leadership
In your assignment you must identify at least three barriers to effective team leadership and then examine how these barriers could be removed or managed.

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