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Facts and Information on: By: Xavier Robles-Giron George Huntington.

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1 Facts and Information on: By: Xavier Robles-Giron George Huntington

2 What Causes This Disease? Huntington’s Disease is caused by an autosomal dominant gene. This means that if a person inherits the dominant gene it will affect them some point in their life. The only exception is if one of the parents has a mutated gene for this disease; then there is only a 50% chance that their child will inherit the disease. Brain Scan of Patient with Huntington’s Disease

3 Symptoms Huntington’s Disease affects the part of the brain that controls thinking, emotions, and movement. A person diagnosed with Huntington’s Disease can start feeling the effects from anywhere between the ages of 30-45. But there is also a chance of getting symptoms earlier or later in life. Symptoms Include: poor memory, depression and/or mood swings, lack of coordination, twitching or other uncontrolled movements, and difficulty walking, speaking, and/or swallowing. In the late stages of the disease, a person will need help doing even simple tasks, such as getting dressed. Affected Area of the Brain

4 Diagnosis During pregnancy a woman can find out if her child will inherit this disease with two tests. The first test is a doctor can take a sample fluid from the fetus. The second test is a doctor can take a sample of fetal cells from the placenta. After birth the doctors can identify the disease by performing a series of neurological and psychological tests. A genetic test can then confirm the diagnosis by determining if the person indeed has inherited the HD gene mutation. However, all these tests cannot tell at what age a person will begin to get sick.

5 Is there a Cure? There are no known cures to this disease. But worldwide there are researchers that are trying to find medical strategies to slow the progress of this disease. There are known medications that can help a person diagnosed with this disease live a more comfortable life. Medications can help stop depression, anxiety and help control involuntary movements.

6 More Information  After a certain amount of time with the disease the person will no longer be able to care for him/herself  This disease can cause emotional, social, and economical problems in a persons life  After time goes by the disease can cause death by choking, infection, or heart failure  If a child or even a teen gets this disease then there is a slight chance that they would live to adulthood  Physical and speech therapy can help a person live a more normal life

7 Video  huntingtons- disease/1d2tp5gwo?q=huntington's+dis ease huntingtons- disease/1d2tp5gwo?q=huntington's+dis ease

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