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Opinion Paragraphs How well can you organize and express your ideas in written text to convince the reader of your position?

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1 Opinion Paragraphs How well can you organize and express your ideas in written text to convince the reader of your position?

2 WHAT IS AN OPINION PARAGRAPH? In an opinion paragraph, the writer expresses and supports an opinion on a particular topic or issue. The writer must give reasons and examples that help persuade the reader to agree with him or her. In opinion/persuasive writing, a writer takes a position FOR or AGAINST an issue and writes to convince the reader to believe or do something.

3 FACTS or OPINIONS A FACT is something that is true. It can be proven to be true. If you can find proof, or evidence for a sentence, then it is a FACT. 1. The earth orbits the sun. 2. Rabbits are mammals. 3. George Washington was the first president of the United States. 4. There are books in the library.

4 An OPINION is what someone believes -it cannot be proven true or false. It is your personal feeling or point of view. When you talk about your opinions you can start your sentences with phrases like the following:  I think friends should always be honest.  I don’t think white lies are dangerous.  I believe it is better to upset your friends than to lie.  In my view, it is always safer to lie than to tell the truth.  In my opinion, lying is the same as cheating or stealing. FACTS or OPINIONS

5 Activity 1: Look at the following and decide if the sentence is Opinion (O) or a Fact (F): 1. Learning English is easier for girls than for boys. 2. There are more girls than boys in our English department. 3. Good teachers don’t give too much homework. 4. Our teacher gave us homework last week. 5. Cell phones are convenient. 6. Many people carry cell phones these days. 7. I don’t think that wearing the latest fashion is important. 8. My favourite clothes are all blue. 9. There is no better city to live than Gaza. 10. Winter in Gaza is quite mild.

6 Activity 2: For each topic below, write one fact and one opinion: 1. Green Tea 2. Violent video games 3. Money 4. Sports 5. University degree 6. White lies

7 Supporting Sentences with Opinions and Examples: In your topic sentence and supporting sentences, you can support your opinion by giving examples which can be facts or experiences you have had.

8 White Lies White lies are not always bad. If you tell your friend that she her new shoes are great when they look horrible, she will know that you are lying. I think it is better to tell the truth in this case. However, if your friend has a new dress and she really likes it, you should always say it is lovely. If you say you don’t like it, you will probably make her feel unhappy and maybe angry with you. You can lie if the truth will hurt and is not important.

9 Supporting Your Ideas: The major ways to support an opinion Statistics Facts Evidence Prediction Observation Comparison Experience Analysis

10 Activity 3: Decide if the following are Opinions (O) or Examples (E): 1. Smoking should be banned in all places. 2. Smoking is banned in restaurants in our city. 3. The air is cleaner and healthier in non-smoking restaurants. 4. I believe that customers prefer non-smoking restaurants. 5. My clothes smelled horrible when I had lunch with a friend who was smoking. 6. In my country, smoking is banned in cars, buses and all public buildings.

11 What should you do when writing persuasively? have a clear position and stay focused on that position. have more than one argument to support a position. Elaborate by using reasons, well-chosen and specific details, examples, anecdotes, facts, and/or statistics as evidence to support arguments. Organize your writing to make the best case for a position. anticipate and refute the opposing position. begin with an opening, including a statement of position, and end with an effective persuasive conclusion, such as a call for action. use transitions to connect position, arguments, and evidence. show commitment to position by writing in a voice appropriate for audience and purpose. use words and phrases that compel or encourage the reader to support your position.

12 The government should provide more financial assistance to parents who use childcare. First, childcare centers may assist children in their early development. For example, they give children an opportunity to mix with other children and to develop social skills at an early age. Second, parents and children need to spend some time apart. This is because children become less dependent on their parents, and parents are less stressed and more effective care-givers when there are periods of separation. Furthermore, parents who cannot go to work because they don't have access to childcare facilities cannot contribute to the national economy. In other words, they are not able to use their productive skills and do not pay income tax. To conclude, government support for childcare services helps families and is important for the economic well-being of the whole country.


14 Paragraph Organization: Another way to flow smoothly through your paragraph is to use “connectives” accordinglyagainfor examplealthoughbeyond converselyfirstas a resultsecondlyfinally simultaneouslyalsofor instancehencethen additionallynextneverthelesson the contrary otherwise consequentlythusin additionsecondat the same time

15 Opinion Writing Topic Writing Situation Many public school systems across the country require students to wear uniforms. Some educators believe that wearing uniforms will help students concentrate more on their school work. On the other hand, some students argue that having to wear uniforms prevents them from expressing their individuality. Your principal is considering whether students at your school should wear uniforms. Directions for Writing Write a paragraph expressing your view on school uniforms. Provide convincing reasons and specific examples to support your position.

16 Revise and Edit Look for obvious errors in grammar: 1. Sentence fragments 2. Run-on sentences/ comma splices 3. Spelling 4. Punctuation 5. Capitalization 6. Transitions 7. Sentence variety 8. If you followed the plan, organization and structure is done!

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