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WordPress for Beginners Leonard Nelson. Open Questions.

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1 WordPress for Beginners Leonard Nelson

2 Open Questions

3 Course Material

4 Review Lesson 1

5 Get Involved – Pick the right name Wordpress WORDPRESS WordPress wordpress

6 Where can I get WordPress from? Download from

7 Where can I run WordPress? Hosting Provider

8 vs. Hosting Provider Installation

9 Installed and hosted for you Hosting Provider Installed and hosted by yourself

10 vs. Hosting Provider Domain Name

11 Free Sub Domain Name Free Advertising $13 per year for Automattic to allow this feature $15 per year to buy domain name Hosting Provider $15 per year to buy domain name *

12 vs. Hosting Provider Storage

13 3 GB of storage for free 10 GB of storage for $20 per year Hosting Provider $60 per year to buy unlimited hosting space *

14 vs. Hosting Provider Software Updates

15 Free updates installed for you Hosting Provider Free updates available You install it yourself Hosting provider installs it for you *

16 vs. Hosting Provider Features

17 Functionality of software

18 Less control over features … Hosting Provider More control over features …

19 Features

20 WordPress Features Plugins - Tools to extend the functionality of WordPress Themes - Control the look and presentation of the material or content on your website

21 WordPress Features : Plugins

22 vs. Hosting Provider Plugins

23 You can’t upload plugins Hosting Provider Ability to upload plugins




27 WordPress Features : Themes

28 vs. Hosting Provider Themes

29 210+ themes which you can customize, but you cannot upload a custom themecustomize Hosting Provider Ability to upload custom themes

30 Appearance > Themes

31 Appearance > Widgets

32 Appearance > Menus

33 Appearance > Header

34 Appearance > Background

35 Appearance > Custom Design

36 Appearance > Mobile

37 vs.

38 WordPress software is installed and hosted for you Download the WordPress software Download WordPress plugins Download WordPress themes Download the WordPress mobile applications Get support for WordPress Get involved with WordPress Read documentation for WordPress

39 Get Involved – How did I do? Student Evaluation

40 Get Involved – Putting it all together

41 Questions/ Feedback

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