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REPORTING REQUIREMENTS FOR SCHOOL CHOICE PROGRAMS Presenters: Jean Ammel, Deputy Executive Director Independent Education and Parental Choice and Kim Ward,

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1 REPORTING REQUIREMENTS FOR SCHOOL CHOICE PROGRAMS Presenters: Jean Ammel, Deputy Executive Director Independent Education and Parental Choice and Kim Ward, Program Specialist Education Information and Accountability Services June 2012

2 FTE Reporting for Charter School Students Report students in the same manner as traditional public school students. Section 1002.33(20)(a), Florida Statutes, requires equal access to student information systems that are used by public schools in the district in which the charter school is located.

3 FTE Reporting for Virtual Charter School Students Charter schools may offer virtual instruction to students in K-12 on a full-time basis under s.1002.33, F.S.  All FTE must be reported on a successfully completed credit basis and is limited to 1.0 unweighted FTE.  1.0 unweighted FTE shall consist of six full credit completions or the prescribed level of content that counts toward promotion to the next grade level.  Credit completions may be a combination of full-credit courses or half-credit courses.

4 FTE Reporting for Virtual Charter School Students, con’t. Charter schools may offer virtual instruction to students in K-12 on a full-time basis under s.1002.33, F.S.  Students should be reported in Survey 2 & 3 with the appropriate grade level and program level codes  FTE Earned should be 0.00  Report FTE Earned in Survey 4 for all virtual charter school students

5 Charter Schools Section 1002.33, Florida Statutes 2007-082008-092009-102010-112011-12 Schools358389411456518 Districts41 45 44 Conversion Schools 17 20

6 Public Charter Schools Student Enrollment in Charter Schools

7 Scholarship Programs  Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program  Opportunity Scholarship Program (Public)  John M. McKay Scholarship for Students with Disabilities Program

8 CS/CS/CS/HB 859 made the following changes to the Florida Tax Credit program by:  Expanding eligibility, without prior year in public school attendance, to include students who are eligible to enter kindergarten through 5 th grade rather than K-1  Increasing the tax credit cap amount from $140 million to $229 million for the 2012-13 fiscal year  Expanding DOE authority for site visits and the Commissioner’s authority to deny, suspend, or revoke participation of a private school for specified reasons Florida Tax Credit Scholarship

9 FTC Scholarship Student Enrollments

10 Opportunity Scholarships The Opportunity Scholarship Program allows parents to choose a higher-performing public school if their children attended or are assigned to attend a failing public school.

11 Opportunity Scholarships HB 7127 redefined a “failing school” so those eligible to receive an Opportunity Scholarship for the 2012-13 school year are:  Students who attended a public school the year in which the school received its third consecutive D, or one F, or  Students who were in attendance elsewhere in the Florida public school system during the previous year and are assigned to the failing school for the next school year. Districts should report these students using “F” as the transfer indicator.

12 Opportunity Scholarships New State Board of Education Rule 6A-6.0950, FAC  Section 1002.38(4), F.S., authorizes DOE to adopt rules to implement the OSP program and to provide penalties for noncompliance  The proposed rule outlines deadlines by which districts must notify parents of their option for an Opportunity Scholarship and subsequently submit documentation to DOE of that notification including the number of requests and the number of students placed.  The rule is scheduled for final approval by the State Board of Education at the May 10, 2012 meeting.

13 McKay Scholarships Program Who is eligible?  Students who were enrolled and reported by a school district for funding during the preceding October and February FTE surveys, and  Students who have a current Individualized Education Plan, or  Students who have a 504 accommodation plan that is valid for more than 6 months

14 McKay Scholarship Program

15 McKay Payments

16 Scholarship Program Payment Periods Payment Date Payment Period September 1July 1 to Sept 30 November 1 Oct 1 to Dec 31 February 1 Jan 1 to Feb 29 April 1Mar 1 to June 30

17 Downloadable District Excel File Contains all McKay students for the current school year Identifies:  Number of payments each student has received  Current private school the student is attending  Eligibility status  Year they entered program

18 Downloadable District Excel File (continued) Identifies (continued):  Parent / Guardian contact information  Current status (enrolled, unregistered, transfer to, or withdrawn) Uses:  Reconciliation of payment  Projection of payment

19 Downloadable District Excel File

20 McKay Prepayment Verification File Submit the McKay Prepayment Verification File format for reporting periods: Survey A - August Survey B - October Survey C - January Survey D - March

21 McKay Prepayment Verification File Procedures for Submitting the File  INITIAL dataset will be provided to the districts: DSPxx.GQ.F70561.Yyyyys  Districts review the file, add proper dates and return batch update file: DSPxx.GQ.F70571.Yyyyys

22 McKay Prepayment Verification File  District will never send an initial file – only one or more batch update files.  There is no transaction code because no records will be added or deleted from the McKay Prepayment Verification data base table.

23 McKay Prepayment Verification File All Zeros In The Date Fields ONLY ENTER:  Entry (Re-entry) Date OR  Withdrawal Date Districts must enter either dates (NOT BOTH)

24 McKay Prepayment Verification File Enroll Date: If the student is currently enrolled in public school please enter the most recent date of enrollment into the district. Withdrawal Date: If the student is not enrolled in public school please enter the date the student withdrew from the district.

25 All Nines For students who never enrolled in the school district all nines (99999999) should be entered in both the Entry (Re-entry) Date and The Withdrawal Date fields. This situation occurs most often with students in military families. The McKay format contains the element “Military Family Student”, which will assist districts in identifying and correctly reporting these students. McKay Prepayment Verification File

26 Batch Update Files  Continue to send batch update files until all students have appropriate dates (or 99999999) on all records.  Only the records with changes need to be sent.

27 McKay Prepayment Verification File Edits and Reports Incorrect dates in the date fields are rejected. Date fields must be in the MMDDYYYY format The date must be valid date greater than May 1, 2000 There should only be one valid Entry (Re-entry) Date or Withdrawal Date, or both dates may be 99999999. If both date fields are filled with valid dates, the record is rejected.

28 McKay Prepayment Verification File Error File and Report Automatically generated the morning after submission of batch file: Error File: (DPSxx.GQ.F71061.Yyyyys) Error Report: (DPSxx.GQ.F71077.Yyyyys)

29 McKay Prepayment Verification File Additional Reports Automatically generated each time a batch update is run: F705710 – records in the file format reflecting current information on the Data Base. F71069 – file of all students with zeroes in both date fields. (Students that still need to be updated)

30 McKay Payment File Files are posted quarterly on NWRDC: September, November, February and April September/November – Survey 2 February/April – Survey 3

31 McKay Payment File Dataset Names  DPSxx.GQ.F70581.Yyyyy2 for payment/survey A  DPSxx.GQ.F70582.Yyyyy2 for payment/survey B  DPSxx.GQ.F70581.Yyyyy3 for payment/survey C  DPSxx.GQ.F70582.Yyyyy3 for payment/survey D

32 Reporting McKay Students for Surveys 2 and 3 Formats Required:  Student Demographic Information  District Number, Current Enrollment – Use reporting district number.  District Number, Current Instruction/Service – Use reporting district number.  School Number, Current Enrollment – Use school number 3518

33 Reporting McKay Students for Surveys 2 and 3  Student Course Schedule  School Number, Current Enrollment – school number 3518.  School Number, Current Instruction – Always use private school number.  Course Number – 2222222.  FEFP Program Number – Use 111-113 for base program with ESE services, and 254-255 for ESE. Use 101-103, 130 and 300 for students with a 504 plan.

34 Reporting McKay Students for Surveys 2 and 3 Important Notes  If a student is not in membership during survey week you still must report that student if they are in the payment file.  If a student shows up in one payment file but not the second payment file you still must report that student for FTE for a survey period.

35 McKay FTE Report To Assist in efforts to verify data for McKay Scholarship student FTE F71138 lists McKay students who are on the McKay Payment files but who do not have a matching Student Course record and have no FTE reported. F71139 lists McKay students who have a Student Course record but who are not on the McKay Payment files. (These students should be deleted from the student data base)

36 Reporting McKay FTE FTE General Instructions – Appendix D McKay Scholarship Program TAP:

37 Districts must REPORT!!!!! Whether or not you report these students for FTE, funds will be deducted from your FEFP if,  A student is eligible to participate in the McKay Scholarship Program, and  The student attends an approved private school and meets requirements for payment.

38 Contact Information Office of Independent Education and Parental Choice Jean Ammel, Deputy Executive Director (850) 245-0502 Education Information Services Kim Ward (850) 245-9054

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