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Future tense What will happen?.

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1 Future tense What will happen?

2 Future tense  This tense has two words.
e.g. Charlie will play tennis tomorrow. I will visit my uncle next week.  We do not change the verb after will. e.g.  will play  will plays

3 Future tense  If there is no action in a sentence, we use will be as a verb in the future tense. e.g. They will be happy at their new school. There will be a garden at my new home.

4 Future tense  We use the future tense to talk about the future.
e.g. I will see the dentist tomorrow. March 26 25 Today Tomorrow March 26

5 Future tense e.g. She will become a famous model and wear beautiful clothes.

6 Future tense e.g. He will buy a plane and fly to America.

7 Future tense e.g. He will become a policeman and catch robbers.

8 Future tense  Hint words: tomorrow next week next month next year
this Sunday this evening later  soon

9 Future tense Questions
 We change the order of will and the subject to make questions. He will have a piano in his room. Will he have a piano in his room? Mary will have a computer. Will Mary have a computer?

10 Future tense Negative sentences
 The negative form of will is will not or won’t. e.g. She will not go swimming next week. They won’t go hiking next week.

11 Now you try. ‘ll / will go 1 I’m very tired. I __________ to bed soon. (go) 2 May ___________ tonight because she is too tired. (come) 3 ______ you _____ a new phone this year? (buy) Yes, ___________. 4 It _________ hot and humid tomorrow. 5 What ______ Tom _____ next Sunday? (do) He ___________ his friend. (visit) 6 ______ the children ____ naughty at their new school? No, _____________. won’t come Will buy I will will be will do will visit Will be they won’t

12 Summary - Future tense e.g. I will go swimming tomorrow.
 verb - 2 words  Do not change the verb after will.  talk about the future  no action in a sentence - use will be as the verb  hint words: tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, this evening, this Sunday, later, soon

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