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Brook Wampole Mrs. Cole Law

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1 Brook Wampole Mrs. Cole Law 2013-14
Final Review: Chapter 9 Brook Wampole Mrs. Cole Law

2 True or False Ratification can never occur before the age of majority to contract.

3 True

4 Emancipated minors may lose the power to disaffirm their contracts.

5 True

6 In most jurisdictions, even if a minor cannot return everything that was received under a contract, the minor will receive back everything she or he put into the bargain.

7 True

8 Minors are not usually liable for their torts.

9 True

10 As soon as a person reaches the age of majority the legal power to disaffirm a contract is immediately ended.

11 False

12 Multiple Choice Parties who may, because of their status, have the right to disaffirm a contract include A. minors B. the mentally incapacitated C. the intoxicated D. all of these

13 D all of these

14 Which of the following would most likely not be classified as a necessary?
A. an apartment B. clothes C. cosmetics D. food

15 C. cosmetics

16 Contracts of a minor that cannot be disaffirmed include
A. court-approved contracts B. enlistment in the armed services C. educational loans D. all of these

17 D. all of these

18 Which of the following is not evidence of informal emancipation?
A. a minor marries B. a minor gives birth C. a minor buys a car D. a minor moves out of the family home

19 C. a minor buys a car

20 All contracts by a party held to be permanently insane by a court are
A. valid but must be ratified by the party’s guardian B. voidable C. void D. reviewed by a court

21 C. void

22 Completion Grant, a 16-year old high school student, quit school and took a full-time job. His actions are evidence of informal _______.

23 emancipation

24 Latrice is only 13 years old, but once she signs a court-approved contract she cannot ________ it.

25 disaffirm

26 Food, clothing and shelter are all classified as _________ for those who lack capacity.

27 necessaries

28 When a contract for necessaries is disaffirmed by a party lacking capacity, they still must pay a(n) _________ amount for those necessaries.

29 reasonable

30 Minors can disaffirm their contracts during their minority and for a reasonable period of time after attaining their ________.

31 majority

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