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Intergovernmental Forum on Mining/Minerals/Metals and Sustainable Development Andre Bourassa Secretariat of the Forum.

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1 Intergovernmental Forum on Mining/Minerals/Metals and Sustainable Development Andre Bourassa Secretariat of the Forum

2 2 Mining State of Play Around 2000 The WB Extractive Industries Review NGOs campaign for WB to get out of EI GMI and MMSD The industry response to growing sector issues The UN system Mining always identified as problem in UN documents Where are national governments in these debates?

3 3 Mining State of Play Around 2000 Development needed for poverty alleviation Priority for developing countries Development needs to be sustainable Must be competitive Comparative advantage: mineral endowment Need to maximize benefits Lessons learned on mining Mining can be sustainable Canada, Australia, Chile, Botswana, etc. If it is done right, i.e. good governance by national governments

4 4 Empowering National Governments Why? Owners of the mineral resource Managers of the resource Elected and mandated by their citizens Accountable for the way resources used How Giving a voice to gvt views and interests Working and learning together Participating actively in policy debates

5 5 The World Summit Strategy Introduce balanced mining focused text in the Johannesburg Plan of Implementation(JPOI) Confirm that mining can contribute to SD Raise key issues that need to be addressed Develop a Forum for gvts to work together Global Dialogue on mining/metals Reflecting on the best way to work together Decision to establish the Intergovernmental Forum

6 6 The Intergovernmental Forum Inaugurated in 2005 Nature: voluntary, advisory and consultative Objective: promote contribution of MMM to SD Respond to priorities of the mining section of JPOI How? By enhancing capacity for governance Sharing lessons learned Identifying opportunities and responding to challenges Providing recommendations on best practices to address issues (social, environmental and economic issues) Working with other regional intergovernmental organizations

7 7 The Intergovernmental Forum Membership: National governments Ministries responsible for mining (38 members) Always looking for new members Observers Multilateral and international agencies Non-member governments National delegations Can include stakeholders: industry, NGOs, etc. Canada provides secretariat for first five years

8 8 Expected Results of the Forum Enhanced national governance of the sector Better distribution of short and long-term benefits More international support for capacity building More effective and timely government responses to sector challenges More positive investment climate More policy influence by ministries for mines

9 9 Work of the Forum to Date The national mining policy framework: priorities, data collection and management Template for a mineral policy framework Framework on investor’s perception of country risks Country perceptions of investors risks Environmental impact assessment: elements and process

10 10 Work of the Forum to date Policies that best assure equitable local, regional and national distribution of benefits Financial surety and environmental protection: mine rehabilitation and closure Generating benefits from mining investments Communities and mining To come: fiscal frameworks and Investment and revenue sharing Mine closure and abandoned mines

11 11 A UNCSD strategy From the Johannesburg World Summit Johannesburg Plan of Implementation: Paragraph 46 on mining/metals To the UNCSD Review 2010-11 Progress on priorities in para 46 2010: progress achieved 2011: the way forward Set the way forward for whole UN system Bring the scope of relevant issues

12 12 Forum UNCSD objectives Demonstrate the value of the Forum In responding to para 46 and sector priorities Active participation by governments Document progress/ needs at national level Numbers are important Enhance influence of governments on global policy development and debates National governments are policy leaders UNCSD: a key entry in the UN system

13 13 Working with others towards UNCSD Invite other intergovernmental organizations, e.g. Africa Mining Partnership. ECLAC, UNECA, etc. Invite other national ministries not members of the Forum Invite multilateral organizations, e.g. World Bank, UNCTAD, UNDESA Invite members of the Forum to include other stakeholders on their delegation

14 14 Influence of governments Proposal: policy statement by mines ministries Cover entire sector life cycle Exploration to metals, waste, recycling Address all sector issues Economic, social, environmental, health, etc. Two components List of policy elements Discussion of individual policy elements A Forum or mines ministries document?

15 15 Role for governments Report on progress in UNCSD national report Identify and promote national sector priorities Include in 2010 national report to UNCSD Promote inclusion in 2011 global policy statement Need to be proactive Engaging in policy debates Addressing issues nationally: need for progress Number of gvts is critical

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