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Smart Cities & Smart Utility

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1 Smart Cities & Smart Utility
May 2014

2 Agenda Smart City On The Rise Smart Utility 2

3 Urbanization More manageable and innovative cities needed considering the issues of urbanization Congested Traffic Exploding Population Insufficient Infrastructure Energy Crisis Scarce Resources Natural Disasters Unplanned Urbanization Migration Lack of Supervision Increasing Mobility

4 Transformation of Cities
Transformation is possible by harmonic integration of «infrastructure», «citizen» and «administration» ADMINISTRATION CITIZEN INFRASTRUCTURE

5 Smart City Smart Energy Smart Public Services Smart Public Safety Smart Home / Office / Building Smart Education Smart Healthcare Smart Transpor-tation Smart city - the harmony and transformation itself – touches and transforms our cities from end to end

6 Impact of Transformation
and brings significant impact… Within 20 years, a smart and connected city of 5 million can drive Improved city management Continious Economic Growth Enhanced Quality of Life Sustainable Urbanization +$15B Revenue +9.5% Growth +30% Energy Efficiency +375K New Jobs Source - Connecting Cities: Achieving Sustainability Through Innovation Nicola Villa and Wolfgang Wagener, Cisco IBSG

7 and that’s why it is growing!
Growing Interest and that’s why it is growing! $60.0+ B spending by 2014 Source - IDC 2011

8 Business Intelligence
Combination of Technology Smart city concept is founded on a set of solutions which are combination of today’s standalone technologies Broadband Mobile Building Automation Next Gen Device UCC E-government SMARTY CITY SOLUTIONS Cloud Computing E-cards Internet of Things IT Security Reporting Wireless Sensor Netw. Big Data Business Intelligence Data Analytics M2M

9 Vertical Initiatives The solution set working on a common infrastructure turn into initiatives which vary by the industry Smart Utilities Smart Health Smart Public Services Smart Building Smart Transportation Intelligent Utility Network Smart Metering Energy Optimization Smart Production Demand Planning Advanced Distribution Management Operations Control River Basin and Smart Water Management Wastewater Treatment Smart Care Management Connected Health Smart Medicine Supply Mobile Health Remote Healthcare Management Smart Citizen Services Smart Tax Administration Smart Customs, Immigration, Border Management Smart Crime Prevention Smart Emergency Response Smart Financial Management Energy Optimization Asset Management Facility Management Video Surveillance Recycling and Power Generation Automatic Fault Detection Diagnosis Supervisory Control Audio / Video Distribution Management Intelligent Transportation Smart Public Transportation Integrated Fare Management Fleet Optimization Tolling Solutions Real-time Adaptive Traffic Management Smart Parking Traveler Information Systems Smart Education Smart Classroom Performance Man. Asset Management

10 Agenda Smart City On The Rise Smart Utility 10

11 Smart Utility Netas is ready to make utility network in Turkey intelligent by its smart utility solution and services portfolio Intelligent Utility Network Smart Metering Telemetry & SCADA Power Generation Optimization Load Shedding Schemes Grid Security Access & Authorization Systems Threat Detection Physical Monitoring Intelligent Storage Geospatial Charging Stations River Basin and Smart Water Man Smart Water Networks Wastewater Treatment Asset Management Operations & Control Information Management Disaster Recovery Compliance Management Datacenter Subscriber Information Systems

12 Geographical Information System Customer Information System
NETAŞ – AMR System Architecture Database Headend Communication Units Meters AMR Software Customer Network Geographical Information System Customer Information System Forcesting System Other Headend Systems SCADA Authorized Users Customers

13 Automated Meter Reading - AMR
Automatic meter reading, or AMR, is the technology of automatically collecting consumption, diagnostic, and status data from water meter or energy metering devices (gas, electric) and transferring that data to a central database for billing, troubleshooting, and analyzing With AMR Solution : saves utility providers the expense of periodic trips to each physical location to read a meter billing can be based on near real-time consumption rather than on estimates based on past or predicted consumption. better control the use and production of electric energy, gas usage, or water consumption AMR Features: usage profiling time of use billing demand forecasting demand response rate of flow recording leak detection flow monitoring energy conservation enforcement, remote shutoff

14 Turkish SI Market Outlook
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