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Albrecht Dürer Artist Naturalist Master Printmaker.

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1 Albrecht Dürer Artist Naturalist Master Printmaker

2 Albrecht Dürer was born in Hungary, in a town called Nürnberg, which is now part of Germany. in 1471, The 3 rd son of Albrecht Dürer & Barbara Hofler. The original name was Ajtos, meaning door in Hungarian. When the family emigrated to Germany, the name was changed to Dürer, which is very close to the German word for door. (Tür)

3 Albrecht became an apprentice to Michael Wolgemut, a famous woodcut designer. (An apprentice is similar to a student who learns how to perform certain skill from a teacher as a master. He spent 4 years with Wolgemut, who decided that because of Albrecht great skill, he should travel to other places to learn even more about his craft.

4 This is Dürer’s portrait of Michael Wolgemut done in 1516. Dürer’s was 45 years old when he painted this picture.

5 Albrecht Dürer’s self- portrait at the age of 13 Notice the power of beautiful line

6 It had been a long journey of great importance to Dürer which had taken nearly four years, but after he returned to Nürnberg in 1494 he felt disappointed that he had not visited Italy. He had also become convinced that:... the new art must be based upon science - in particular, upon mathematics, as the most exact, logical, and graphically constructive of the sciences.

7 Dürer took an interest in the natural world. These types of drawing are called “Studies”.

8 This is a type of work known as an engraving. Dürer used a printing press, much like the one you’ll get to try out during this project, except much larger. St. Jerome in his cell

9 This is a detail from the St. Jerome print. Look at the care taken to draw the texture of the fur.

10 Dürer's prints were extremely Dürer’s prints were extremely accurate. He believed that art should be approached scientifically. He would actually get down in a field so he could see the individual blades of grass up close. In the drawing of a hare, you can actually see the fur and the whiskers.

11 Study the detail of the blades of grass.

12 This image is called the ”Willow Mill”. How does it make you feel?

13 It took some one who loved animals and nature to capture this small owl with such quality & love.

14 One of the artist’s that Dürer admired when he was in Italy was Leonardo da Vinci. And Leonardo da Vinci had a student whose name was Michelangelo Buonarroti. Dürer, da Vinci, and Michelangelo are all artists in the school of art called Renaissance. Renaissance means a “rebirth”- rebirth of learning, of building, of interest in nature and science.

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