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Motherboards Common Components.

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1 Motherboards Common Components

2 External Connections P/S2 Connector Parallel Port (Mouse)
P/S2 Connector Serial Ports (Keyboard

3 External Connections RJ45 Connector Games Port USB Port Connectors for
built in sound chip

4 External Connections 9 Pin serial 4 Pin IEEE 1394 port
Connector (firewire) Universal Serial Bus (USB) Connectors Six pin IEEE 1394 Connector

5 CPU Sockets Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) Socket

6 RAM Slots RAM Slots

7 IDE Connectors Missing Pin Integrated Device Electronics

8 Serial ATA (SATA) Connector

9 IDE and SATA Connectors

10 Floppy Dive Connector Missing Pin Floppy Drive connector

11 Power Connectors Auxiliary Power Connector ATX Power (found on some
P4 Motherboards) ATX Power Connector

12 Power Connectors ATX 12V Power Connector

13 AT Power connectors

14 Expansion Ports AGP Slot PCI Slot Mini PCI Slot (AMR or CNR)

15 Mini PCI expansion card PCI expansion card

16 Heatsink and fan

17 Basic Input Output System (BIOS) chip

18 CMOS Battery DIP switch

19 Analogue Monitor Connections
15 Pins in three rows

20 Digital Monitor connections

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