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IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency EPR-Public Communications L-010 Messages.

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1 IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency EPR-Public Communications L-010 Messages

2 IAEA Key messages Messages are demand driven; Depend on event characteristics; Depend on public concerns and sense of threat.

3 IAEA General rules Factual and quantitative; Specify radiation type; Compare potential radiation doses with natural exposure; Explain ways to minimize doses; Explain areas/people not affected; Clear, concise, reliable advice/actions.

4 IAEA Prepared statements Radiation pathways: air, water and plume; Food and water contamination; Radiation measurements and monitoring; Exposure symptoms; Protection measures; Short and long term effects of contamination; Treatment for exposure; Sources for additional information.

5 IAEA Public health recommendations Clear explanation and rationale; Examples: sheltering; minimizing contamination; ingesting iodine tablets.

6 IAEA Communicating uncertainties Clearly explained in concise terms; Especially important in cases of: Deliberate release – nuclear terrorism; Unforeseen accidental release.

7 IAEA Families and children Messages concerning children: Require special attention; Need clear explanations.

8 IAEA Radiation monitoring Explain to public what to expect to reduce fears.

9 IAEA Warning messages – Key features Attract attention and perceptible; Understandable to threatened people; Clear and concise; Durable in unstable communications environment.

10 IAEA Tools for message dissemination

11 IAEA Structuring a press release Health and safety information first; Then additional details; Date and time of publication; Contact information of organization.

12 IAEA Periodic press updates Alternative/complementary approach to traditional press release in a long emergency; Provide information as it arrives; Shorter text updates.

13 IAEA Purpose-built emergency website Display on organization’s main website; Ensure bandwidth capability; Easy to update; Remotely updatable.

14 IAEA Press briefings PIO’s role to organize press briefings; Moderated by lead PIO or spokesperson; Enough significant information is necessary to hold a briefing; Messages must be consistent and agreed upon before amongst all speakers; Coaching on possible questions from media.

15 IAEA Social media Instant and direct two-way communications between people and organizations; Requires dedicated team, clear guidelines, experience in managing social media outreach; Thorough analysis of risks and benefits necessary.

16 IAEA Hotline Health counselling or general counselling; To respond to public requests for information; Availability of trained staff answering calls; Pre-recorded messages can help filter calls; Information should contain most up-to-date protective actions and guidelines.

17 IAEA Summary Advanced preparation & training is required for message dissemination to public; Message content should be factual, concise and quantitative; Message form and content should respond to needs of multiple audiences.

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