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ROC Midden-Brabant Regional Centre for Vocational Education and Training.

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1 ROC Midden-Brabant Regional Centre for Vocational Education and Training

2 The Dutch educational system

3 Adult and vocational education act 1996 Quality improvement of secondary education Integration of vocational and adult education Coherent qualification structure Strengthening ties with the labor market Improvement of retention rates Implementation of new didactic methods Flexible training possibilities for individuals

4 VET field: vocational education Two learning routes: 1. Full-time college-based route (BOL) –Includes at least 20% placements 2. Part-time work-based route (BBL) –At least 60% apprenticeship in a company

5 VET field: vocational education Four qualification levels 1. Assistant’s level –simple practical tasks 2. Basic vocational level –practical tasks 3. Vocational level –carrying out tasks independently 4. Middle management and specialist level –tasks of a broad or specialist nature

6 Regional Training Centres (ROCs) 46 ROCs spread over the Netherlands 650.000 students Offering education and training courses in all sectors of vocational and adult education Key role in education and work in their regions (Private teaching institutes) (Agricultural Colleges)

7 Ways of financing State: Ministry of Education Local authorities: municipalities Employers: companies and institutions Participants

8 ROC Midden-Brabant 16.000 students 250 different courses 120 nationalities 2500 companies which offer work placements 4 departments (colleges) –Business Studies –Social Services and Health Care –Engineering and Technology –Basic and Adult Education

9 Business Studies Business management + marketing Business administration Trade + logistics Banking, insurance + law Information and Communication Technology Security services Flight attendant

10 Social Services and Health Care Health and Caree.g. nursery Social welfaree.g. social work e.g. child care Servicese.g. doctor’s assistant e.g. hairdressing Sportse.g. fitness centres

11 Engineering and Technology Electrical and mechanical engineering Building and fitting techniques Motor mechanics Aircraft techniques Transport and logistics Processing industry and laboratory techniques Bakery Woodwork and furniture

12 Basic and Adult Education Key qualifications for further education Dutch as a second language Integration of minorities Basic social skills Job orientation Re-integration General secondary education

13 International objectives Adult and vocational education act –International activities as part of the curriculum –International activities as quality instrument Strategic policy of ROC Midden-Brabant –International society  international education Strategic plans of the four colleges –Concrete activities

14 International activities ROC MB Preparation of participants for the international society and working life –Work placements abroad –Student exchange programs –Other international activities for participants Innovation of curricula and teaching programmes –Pilot projects with foreign partners –Study visits of staff in other countries –Staff development programme –Other international activities for staff members

15 Examples of international activities Work placements for students in Sw, UK, B, D, Fr, Fi, It and Gr. Student exchange program with Germany and Italy Teachers visiting students at work placements Teacher training program in Denmark and UK Study visit for staff in UK, Sp, At, Mar and Tk Pilot projects ‘Welcome’, ‘Education House’, ‘Educators as trainers, trainers as educators’, ‘Family learning’ Programs for foreign partners

16 Financing international activities Own funds of ROC Midden-Brabant National fundings from Ministry of Education Funding through EU-projects Bilateral programs

17 International network Partners in mobility projects Uk, Sw, It, B, Sp, Fr, Fi, Gr, D and Ca Partners in pilot projects Uk, Ireland, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Czechia, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway The Dutch Alliance 8 ROCs in the Netherlands Enetrac Portugal, Czechia, Italy, Germany, UK, France, Russia, Poland Slovakia

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