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Asking the Best Questions for Your College Search… Find a College/University that Fits You!

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1 Asking the Best Questions for Your College Search… Find a College/University that Fits You!

2 for a college that fits YOU! The College/University you choose should match your: 1.Academic/Career Goals 2.Personality 3.Talents 4.Finances

3 My Academic and Career Goals  ACADEMIC GOALS  ?s about me:  Academic achievements?  Which class are easy/hard?  Which class interest me?  ?s about the college:  Admission requirements?  Chances of acceptance?  Top choice or safety choice?  Any resources for help with Math/Writing?  CAREER GOALS  ?s about me:  What do I want to study?  Do I want to study abroad?  ?s about the college:  Is my program offered?  Quality of my program?  Types of degrees offered?  Type of college: liberal arts, business, engineering, trade or technical?

4 My Personality  ?s about me:  What is my personality like?  Introvert or extrovert?  Do I like hanging in big crowds or with just a few close friends?  Am I shy or outgoing?  ?s about the college:  Big or small?  Rural or urban?  How far away?  Public or private?

5 My Talents  ?s about me:  What am I good at?  Am I a good athlete?  Is playing collegiately important to me?  Do I excel in art, music, dance, or drama?  Do I enjoy leadership opportunities?  ?s about the college:  What clubs or student organizations are available: band, orchestra, dance team, drama program, debate team, or newspaper?  What sport programs are available?  Which NCAA division?

6 My Finances  ?s about me:  What are my financial resources?  How much financial aid or scholarships will I need?  Do I want to avoid student loans?  ?s about the college:  How much does it cost?  How much scholarship money does the school award?  Are there paid internship opportunities?

7 During a Campus Visit…  Ask lots of questions when meeting with…  Campus Tour Guides  Recruitment Specialists/Admissions Counselors  Faculty Members/Program Advisors

8 Questions for Your Tour Guide  How many students go here?  What is the average class size?  What do students do for fun?  What is your favorite activity on campus?  Where do you live and how is campus living/food?  How safe is the campus?  Are there on-campus jobs available for students?  What do students complain about on campus?

9 Questions for Your Recruiter/Admissions Counselor…  What are the yearly costs?  Tuition?  Room and Board?  Housing/Meal Plans?  Books?  Student Insurance?  What is required for admission?  Deadlines?  Application fee?  Should I take the ACT or SAT?  Besides an application, what else do I need to submit?  What scholarship opportunities are available for me?  What are the deadlines?  How do I apply?  What is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)?  How do I apply?  When is the FAFSA priority deadline?

10 Housing Questions for Your Recruiter  Where should I live?  What are my housing options?  Is there a separate application for housing?  When should I apply?  What are my chances of living where I want to?  Are there living communities for certain majors/programs?  What about parking/transportation?

11 Questions for Faculty/Program Advisor  What are the program requirements/prerequisites?  Is the program competitive? What is the acceptance rate?  What types of internships are available?  Are there research opportunities?  What are the careers I could enter with my degree?  What is the job placement rate for your students?  How available are professors/tutors?

12 “Makin’ a list, checking it twice…”  1 st – List top five schools (have at least two “safety” schools)  2 nd – Schedule campus visits  3 rd – Ask lots of questions  4 th – Make a list of pros and cons for each school  5 th – Know the admission steps  6 th – Apply early!

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