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Zheng Xiang Wang, MD Lan Phuong Nguyen, BS

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1 Complications of Fibrin Glue in Pterygium Surgery with Amniotic Membrane Transplant
Zheng Xiang Wang, MD Lan Phuong Nguyen, BS Authors of this poster have no financial or proprietary interest in the products, methods, or materials mentioned. All authors are affiliated with Wang Eye Clinic and have no financial support from any organization or company. Purpose: To compare the complications and the recurrence rate between the Fibrin glue and sutures in pterygium surgery with amniotic membrane transplant. Setting: Wang Eye Clinic, Chamblee, Georgia, USA Correspongding author: Zheng Xiang Wang, MD

2 Complications of Fibrin Glue in Pterygium Surgery with Amniotic Membrane Transplant
Methods: This study randomly categorized patients who undergo pterygium surgery with Amniotic Membrane Transplant (AMT) into 2 groups: one group received Fibrin glue and the other group received sutures. All procedures of both groups were performed by one ophthalmologist. Twenty-four eyes (24 patients) were participated in the Fibrin glue group in which 22 eyes were primary and 2 eyes were recurrent. In the other group, sutures were used for 19 eyes (19 patients) in which18 eyes were primary and 1 eye was recurrent. The recurrent eyes in both groups did not receive ATM previously. Post operation, patients were followed up at 1 week then subsequently up to 1 year to observe any sign of complications and recurrence.

3 Complications of Fibrin Glue in Pterygium Surgery with Amniotic Membrane Transplant
Results: The data showed that conjunctivitis inflammation had occurred in 3 eyes (12.5%) in the Fibrin glue group, and 6 eyes (31.6%) in the sutures group. P value <0.05 with significant difference is done by Chi-square test. In the Fibrin glue group, 1 eye (4.2%) showed recurrence; there was no (0.0%) recurrence in sutures group. There are 3 dry eyes (15.8%) in the suture group and 2 dry eyes (8.3%) in the Fibrin glue group. There is no significant difference dry eye in the two groups with P value >0.05. We did not find any dislocation of conjunctival graft, dellen, inflammation, infection, bleeding, pyogenic granuloma, or scleromalacia in both groups.

4 Complication of TISSEEL versus Suture
Complications TISSEEL SUTURE Dislocation of Conjunctival Graft 0 0 Dellen Conjunctivitis Inflammation 3 6 Inflection Bleeding Pyrogenic Granuloma 0 0 Recurrence Sceromalacia Dry Eye


6 Complications of Fibrin Glue in Pterygium Surgery with Amniotic Membrane Transplant
Discussion: As any other operations, pterygium surgery has risks and complications. Though complications are rare, it may include but not limit to bleeding, infection, double vision, droopy eyelid, dislocation of conjunctival grafts, Dellen, pain, inflammation, recurrence, scleromalacia, and pyogenic granuloma. The goals of pterygium surgery are to remove the pterygium tissue, restore the conjunctival, and prevent recurrence. Thus, amniotic membrane transplant is an effective new technique, which being used in pterygium surgery to deliver this solution.1,4,10,12 Before After (3 weeks)

7 Complications of Fibrin Glue in Pterygium Surgery with Amniotic Membrane Transplant
Advantage and Disadvantage of Suture Suture is an old, basic method to sew wound after surgery; it has some disadvantage in ophthalmic use such as irritation, infection, inflammation, and allergy. Suturing a corneal laceration inflicts trauma to the cornea just from the multiple needle passes. Sutured wounds typically result in astigmatism and uneven healing. Additionally, sutures are a potential for infection, and they can incite inflammation and neovascularization in the cornea, which can ultimately result in corneal scarring. Suturing also requires additional operating time and technical skill. Finally, prompt removal of suture is necessary, particularly those made of monofilament nylon material, to avoid the risks of suture abscess and neovascularization.3,5,9 Advantage and Disadvantage of Fibrin Glue Fibrin glue is a new suture alternative. The advantages of Fibrin glue over sutures are less inflammation; faster surface rehabilitation, shorter surgical time and more comfortable for the patients. The disadvantage of Fibrin glue is the hypothetical risk of viral or prion disease transmission. Prion diseases transmission is hypothetically possible because of bovin component in Fibrin glue. There has never been any report of the transmission. It is also possible to transmit Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and HIV; there has been no report of this either.3,7,9,11 Apply Fibrin glue as a thin layer; excessive clot thickness may negatively interfere with the product’s efficacy and the wound healing process.

8 Complications of Fibrin Glue in Pterygium Surgery with Amniotic Membrane Transplant
Conclusions: Pterygium surgery reduces astigmatism and increases spherical power of cornea. Amniotic membrane facilitates re-epithelization, reduces scarring and vascularization; as the result, eyes appear whiter than when using conjunctival autographs. Amniotic membrane is 50% to 100% larger in size than conjunctival autografts. The result of using amniotic membrane for pterygium surgery offers aesthetic improvement and decrease pain, dryness, and discomfort. It is also result in a whiter eye after surgery. Addionally, amniotic membrane helps eye rehabilitated quick without causing the patient to miss work or daily activities. Our study shows that more patients in the range of years old have pterygium but the highest is in the group of years old. There are not many complications occur during or post operation for either Fibrin glue or sutures. The results show there are more case of dry eye and inflammations in suture patients than in Fibrin glue patients.

9 Complications of Fibrin Glue in Pterygium Surgery with Amniotic Membrane Transplant
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10 Complications of Fibrin Glue in Pterygium Surgery with Amniotic Membrane Transplant
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