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INTRO TO THE FIVE- PARAGRAPH ESSAY How to Successfully Organize your Responses.

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1 INTRO TO THE FIVE- PARAGRAPH ESSAY How to Successfully Organize your Responses


3 WHY THE FIVE-PARAGRAPH ESSAY?  To be clear, there are other ways to write essays aside from this particular format  However, this format makes it easier to understand how to write a good, solid essay  If you learn this way, it will be easier in the long run

4 WHAT IS THE FORMULA?  First Paragraph: Introduction  Introduces what the paper is going to be about in an engaging way  Includes the THESIS STATEMENT (what the rest of the paper will be discussing in detail)  Second-Fourth Paragraphs: Body Paragraphs  Each paragraph is about a different aspect of your topic  Each paragraph in the body paragraphs follows the P.I.E. formula  Fifth Paragraph: Conclusion  Wraps up the paper  Restates the conclusion

5 INTRODUCTION/ THESIS  A good introduction draws readers in and makes them want to read more  It gives the readers a general idea of what the paper will focus on  It ends with the THESIS STATEMENT:  This is a sentence that states in detail what you will be talking about in a paper  Sometimes, the writer will use a list, designating each paragraph in the body paragraphs to a different thing on that list  THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT SENTENCE IN YOUR ENTIRE ESSAY

6 BODY PARAGRAPHS  Each paragraph is about a different aspect of your thesis  Remember to follow the P.I.E. formula:  Make a point/ establish a position  Illustrate your point with evidence  Explain how this evidence is relevant to what you are trying to say  Usually, the paragraphs range from the least to most important to your thesis

7 CONCLUSION  The conclusion can sometimes be the hardest part to write (you’ve already said everything, what else is there to say?)  However, it is the last thing that the reader reads in your essay, so making sure it is good is very important!  ALWAYS make sure to restate your thesis in some way, shape or form


9 EXAMPLE: ESSAY ABOUT DOGS  Introduction:  Mention that dogs are considered “man’s best friend”  Talk about characteristics of dogs that are good  THESIS STATEMENT: Therefore, I believe that dogs are the best pets to have on the planet because of their ability to be a companion, a protector, and a nurse.  Paragraph One: Dogs Used for Companionship  Discuss how dogs have a fifth sense for feelings and emotions  Cite an article about dogs helping in hospitals for sick children/ elderly homes

10 EXAMPLE (CONTINUED)  Paragraph Two: Dogs Can Protect You  Dogs are used in many ways as a means of protection and security  Mention dogs used to detect drugs/ illegal substances  Mention dog that helped Seal Team 6 take down Osama Bin Laden  Paragraph Three: Dogs Used for Medical Purposes  Because they are so smart, dogs are used to help in certain medical situations  Mention seeing-eye dogs and how they are a life-long partner for blind people  Mention Balto, and how that dog helped deliver medicine to sick children

11 EXAMPLE (CONTINUED)  Conclusion:  There are many things that have changed throughout the years; however, dogs being man’s best friend has not changed  RESTATE THESIS  I believe that the dog’s status as the best pet ever will remain the same for years to come

12 OUTLINING ACTIVITY  Now, it’s your turn!  Pick a topic that you feel passionate about/ interested in  Make an outline that matches up with the five- paragraph essay structure  We will be sharing some of these when we are done!!!

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