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Christmas in México.

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1 Christmas in México

2 Vocabulario: la navidad la piñata las posadas la familia Feliz navidad

3 La posada – a type of party, sometimes in the form of a parade, to represent Joseph and Mary’s pilgrimage to Bethlehem. There are 9 posadas – Dec. 16th – Dec. 24th - one for each month Mary was pregnant with baby Jesus.

4 Although the custom of putting up a Christmas tree (árbol de la navidad) has become very popular, the real Mexican tradition consists of setting up a nativity scene. On December 24th children and their families enjoy a large dinner and they finally add the baby Jesus to the nativity scene.

5 The traditional piñata is in the shape of a star
The traditional piñata is in the shape of a star. Children break open piñatas on December 24th (noche buena) as a celebration of Christmas.

6 After the dinner and posada are over, the family ( la familia ) goes to midnight mass ( la misa de gallo ) together. About 90% of Mexicans are Catholic.

7 After the mass, the adults exchange gifts ( regalos ) while the children go to bed waiting for Santa Clause to bring them their gifts.

8 What?!?! No gifts until JANUARY 6th ?!?!?!
It used to be that children had to wait until January 6th (el día de los Reyes) to receive their gifts. What?!?! No gifts until JANUARY 6th ?!?!?! Only 50 years ago did Santa begin bringing gifts on Christmas Day ( la navidad ).

9 They do sing traditional Christmas songs like “O Holy Night” “Silent Night” and “O Come All Ye Faithful”, but the songs are in Spanish, not English.

10 Feliz Navidad

11 U.S.A. Mexico

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